SHRM’s National Visibility Campaign


Raising awareness about the HR profession is one of SHRM’s most abiding missions.  What better way to accomplish this than during the quadrennial contest that captivates the nation and produces the president of the United States? 

Tonight SHRM kicks off its 2016 National Visibility Campaign during the GOP Debate on the FOX Business Channel.  Our 30-second, award-winning TV spot “Working for Us,” which features three SHRM-certified members, will be shown during the lower-tier debate from 6 p.m. – 8 p.m., pre-debate coverage and during the main debate from 9 p.m. – 11 p.m.



Why is it important for SHRM to run a TV commercial during an election year?

For starters, this is an extremely high-visibility opportunity to position both SHRM and the HR profession with public policy influencers and business leaders.  The debates are attracting record-breaking audiences, upwards to 23.1 million viewers per debate.  To put that into perspective, this rivals NFL football viewership numbers.

Also, SHRM is the only organization promoting HR’s leadership and reputation nationally in a very public manner. 

Finally, HR’s perspective has become increasingly critical – and sought after -- in shaping legislative and regulatory agendas. SHRM is leading the charge to ensure that both our members’ and HR’s voice on critical workplace issues is heard by policy- and decision-makers.

Where can I see the TV commercial?

Beginning tonight and through September, 2016, the SHRM TV commercial can be seen on the following channels:

  • CNN will air the SHRM commercial during morning, daytime and evening news programs, with additional SHRM-sponsored messages during The Situation Room (M-F, 5-7p) and CNN Money in “New Day” (M-F, 6a-9a).  The SHRM commercial also will be seen during key primary election night coverage, including the Iowa Caucus, New Hampshire and South Carolina Primaries, Super Tuesday on 3/1, the last Super Tuesday on 6/7, and the Republican National Convention and Democratic National Convention both held in July.   
  • FOX Business Channel will air the TV commercial heavily during 9a-5p market coverage and FOX News during the hugely popular Saturday morning business/financial block.
  • CNBC will show the TV commercial during the monthly jobs report segments and “Your Money, Your Future” in Closing Bell. 
  • MSNBC will air the TV commercial heavily during Morning Joe and throughout the daytime, along with SHRM-sponsored messages during Morning Joe around the monthly job reports.

You can also see the TV commercial anytime at


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