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When I first came on to the professional world, I heard a lot of talk about Networking. You need to network. It’s good for your career. It will help you find your *dream job*. But it always seemed so complicated and for someone else. I was never quite sure how it applied to me. I’d, more often than not, rather stay home with a glass of wine than go out and have to meet and interact with STRANGERS. Then I’d have to remember their name and figure out how to track them down if I had a question. It just sounded like sooooo much work for very little benefit.

Then the world was introduced to Social Media. And suddenly, it became a whole lot easier to stay in contact with people. You can now meet people around the world and get to know them without ever picking up a phone or playing a Remember-the-Name game (which I suck at. Seriously, I once couldn’t get “Steve” with someone giving me “sleeve” as the reminder.)

And once you “know” someone online, your IRL (in real life) meeting is so much easier. For me, my start of meeting people and networking began with Twitter chats like #nextchat hosted by SHRM. At first I just watched, but soon, I jumped in and became really active. As I became more active, I got to know the others in the chats. And now those folks are some of my best friends!

I’ve got a list here of current, active chats here. Find the one, or two or ten, that work for your schedule & jump on in! (all times are central unless otherwise noted):

So log in, tune in & get going!  We’ll *see* you there and then meet you IRL at #SHRM18 in Chicago, one of the many state conferences around the country or at one of the awesome #DisruptHR events going on world wide!




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