SHRM is Advancing the Profession in California


April 22 was a big day for SHRM in advancing the HR profession and sound workplace polices in the State of California. Mike Letizia, SHRM MAC Member and CalSHRM’s state director, along with CalSHRM Director-elect Patti Blosser, and SHRM A-team Captain Hector Moncada testified in support of two SHRM developed and sponsored pieces of HR legislation introduced by Assemblyman Brian Jones (R-Santee) in the California State Assembly Committee on Labor & Employment.  Advocacy is a major component of SHRM’s strategic initiative in California and as SHRM Government Affairs staff, I have been working very closely with the CalSHRM State Council in advancing our legislative objectives in the state.

The first bill before the Committee, AB 1383, allows a California employer to establish a voluntary preference in the hiring of veterans modifying the current law veteran’s preference which only applies to veterans of the Vietnam War. Both Patti, the controller at Golden State Lumber, and Hector, an HR student at the University of the Pacific in Stockton who served in the U.S. Army for four years, testified in support of the bill. AB 1383 passed out of the Committee with the unanimous support of both Republicans and Democrats, which is big victory for SHRM, considering that most pieces of legislation are decided on a party line vote.

The second bill, AB 1038, which would have allowed a non-exempt employee to request a flexible work schedule providing for workdays up to 10 hours per day within workweek, in lieu of overtime compensation for those two additional hours worked each day.  Mike testified on behalf of SHRM and CalSHRM and did a fantastic job.  Unfortunately, AB 1038 failed to pass out of the committee by a vote of 2-5.  

Both of these bills are very important for the HR profession in California and for all workers in the state.  On April 9, close to 80 HR professionals went to the State Capitol in Sacramento and advocated on both bills in meetings with their state representatives and/or staff.  It was great to see such a large contingent of HR professionals taking the advantage of the opportunity to meet with their elected officials. The presence of these professionals in the Capitol, along with SHRM’s continued advocacy in California, is a major component of the strategic initiative here in California, and will continue to help advance SHRM’s brand in California.























Pictured left to right: CalSHRM Director-elect Patti Blosser, Assemblyman Brian Jones (R-Santee) in the California State Assembly Committee on Labor & Employment, SHRM A-team Captain Hector Moncada and Mike Letizia, SHRM MAC Member and CalSHRM’s state director.




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