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Greetings Fellow HR Professionals and organizational leaders. I am the Director, SHRM Foundation for Elizabethtown SHRM (known as ESHRM). ESHRM has supported the SHRM Foundation in many ways. The ESHRM Chapter supports the SHRM Foundation annually with donations obtained from our chapter's "Change-for-Change" fundraising initiative.

There are two parts to this initiative:  (1) donations received from ESHRM Member donations; and (2) donations received from people who attend ESHRM's meetings.

Our "Change-for-Change" fundraiser allows members to save up their coins (change) and donate it to the SHRM Foundation through ESHRM in support of its mission to advance global human capital knowledge and practice by providing thought leadership and educational support.  Our Change-for-Change initiative also helps us fulfill our obligation to help with "changing" things within our professions and then businesses.

ESHRM has provided support to the objectives of the SHRM Foundation not only in the human resources community, but also within our local businesses. ESHRM has taken advantage of obtaining education resources from the SHRM Foundation to share with business leaders within the Hardin County Community.

During our monthly meetings, I provide information to our audience about the various products and resources that the SHRM Foundation provides. ESHRM has used research reports, executive briefings, and the effective practice guidelines to educate its chapter's members and business partners. ESHRM's initiative to share information with others has sparked an interest from visitors at their monthly meetings, and it has led to obtaining new members and guest speakers for their monthly meetings. 

The ESHRM Chapter has established an informal partnership with HR professionals from the U.S. Army Human Resources Command located at Fort Knox, Kentucky, and with the Adjutant General Corps Regimental Association (AGCRA) - Gold Vault Chapter (GVC), who is also located on Fort Knox, Kentucky.  We have assisted military and civilian HR professionals gain knowledge about how the SHRM Foundation serves as a globally recognized catalyst for shaping human resource thought leadership and research.  Through this partnership, ESHRM has assisted our members and non-members with learning more about SHRM, and its HR certification process.

ESHRM has been able to accomplish the following additional achievements:

* assisted the Hardin County Schools Work Ethic Certification (Interviewed and shared advice to high school seniors-our future workforce.)

* partnered with the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce via their Leadership Series (obtained HR Certification Credit to enhance value.)

* promoted and supported the SHRM Foundation through after work social events, briefings and mentorship programs.

* developed a mentorship program to assist Veterans with creating and revising their resumes and with job preparation.

ESHRM has furthered the SHRM Foundation's mission through monetary donations and by way of information sharing to meet the needs of conducting research, promoting professional development, and educating HR professionals and their business leaders/owners in order to project a positive image for SHRM and the SHRM Foundation.

ESHRM is a proud recipient of the 2015 SHRM Foundation Innovation Award (Small Chapter). We look forward to hearing about your comments or fundraising ideas. Tell us what you think.


Mr. Jamie K. Worthy, Sr., SPHR, SHRM-SCP Director, SHRM Foundation (ESHRM)


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