SHRM Foundation 3M Certification Scholarship testimonial: Jennifer Williams


In 2015, the SHRM Foundation awarded over 140 scholarships to deserving HR practitioners. New for 2016, the Foundation is will award over 200 scholarships!

The SHRM Foundation provides scholarship funding for those with a unique personal story that are in need of a career boost—Jennifer Williams, PHR, SHRM-CP—is one of those people. Jennifer was recently awarded the 3M Certification Scholarship.

Jennifer’s story is the first in a series of SHRM Foundation Spotlights posted to the SHRM Blog each Tuesday through the end of the year. Visit the SHRM Foundation website for more information about scholarship funding for certifications, undergraduate, and graduate education.

Meet Jennifer:

My name is Jennifer Williams, PHR, SHRM-CP and hopefully soon SPHR,

SHRM-SCP – God willing! But to the people that truly depend on me, my family – Ace,

Shelby and Rylen – none of that matters.

Shelby is my beautiful 12-year-old, special needs daughter. She cannot communicate, feed herself, walk without assistance or be alone – EVER. I am her voice. I am her advocate in a world of potential hazards. I want desperately to protect her and the rest of my family from ever being taken advantage of or not getting a chance to be the best they can possibly be. But it just so happens that my family extends into my workplace and the outstanding friends that are a part of our professional organization, SHRM. Sometimes I am an advocate for those that are less educated and sometimes it is to help those with Ph.Ds. cope with an impossible situation with humanity and professionalism. I love my job, I love my career and I love that every face I help I can see a little bit of Shelby.

I applied for the 3M scholarship because I want to be better for all of those people in my present and future that need me to be the best I can possibly be for their chance at success, and the next step for me is the SHRM-SCP exam. Is this exam daunting? ABSOLUTELY! Am I afraid I may fail? Yes! But overcoming those insecurities, doing my part, and studying, are worth the rewards of the knowledge and doors that those few letters behind my name can open. My precious family may not understand what this credential is worth, but I have seen the amazing work of those that proudly earn it and I want to be one of them one day – contributing to our profession, fighting for the weaker, less fortunate that surround us in our communities. But it’s not only about those letters – I want to encourage/empower more HR professionals to do the same!

Thank you for this opportunity and for gracing me with the funds to pursue my dreams!

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