SHRM Events Application Review


The #SHRM19 App was recently released, and Gemma Toth and I teamed up to review this fantastic tool that will sure make your conference experience a breeze in good ole’ HOT Vegas! Continue reading to find out more about this great tool...

@GemmaTothSCP’s Review:

  • Calendar reminder– it’s nice to just open the app and it notifies the user of upcoming schedule.
  • The app has touch screen icons that are laid out nicely and don’t look overwhelming. It makes it easier to navigate the app. The icons in the middle make it easier to search for attendees, check your schedule, speakers, and exhibitors.
  • The navigation bar on the bottom of the screen lets you access the map of the convention center, city guide, and exhibitors. The Locate Me button helps you figure out where you are and where you want to go. This feature is great for those who may not like to ask for directions or who are lost.
  • The cloud icon is for all the downloaded handouts and speaker presentations.
  • The “I” icon represents the information booth. It tells you where find food, first aid, and the shuttle schedule.
  • The social media icon lets you connect and access your various social media accounts. The SHRM Events app allows to access Twitter.
  • There is a message center that can be accessed by clicking the icon on the top left. However, to “add friend” you must request their “friend code.” There is a short cut to this process. If you click the attendees’ button, you can search for a friend and click the “request friend” button.

 @MKohlHR’s Review:

  • The “alerts” icon takes you to a global activity page that lists all the popular sessions as well as your notifications for #SHRM19.
  • Are you looking for someone at #SHRM19 or are you looking for a specific vendor? Well look no further! Click on the “attendees” and “exhibitors” icons, both are the directories of #SHRM19, and search away.
  • The Conference Community is right at your fingertips with this app. Simply open the app and click “Conference Community” and there you will find conversation with your #HRTribe!
  • If you’re looking to stay on top of all things SHRM, the “Conference Today” icon is your one stop shop for SHRM and #SHRM19.
  • One of my favorite icons is the “speakers” icon. Every speaker can be found here. It’s like having #SHRM19 catalog on your smart phone.
  • Take time to check out your profile on the “my profile” icon. I added my picture and I encourage you to add yours. Let this be an extension of your social media profile(s).
  • Last but not least, this app wouldn’t be complete without the “my schedule” icon! Use this icon to keep track of your schedule and never miss a session.


Overall, Gemma and I enjoyed the app. It seems easy to navigate and doesn’t seem to have any bugs (none that we found). We hope you will check it out for yourself as you prepare for #SHRM19. We can’t wait to see you in Vegas!


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