SHRM Connect: Storms Inside and Out - How to Prepare and Stay Calm


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While some of the conversations take on a more serious tone, others will deliver a bit of comic relief -- and on Fridays, I’ll be highlighting a conversation or two in hopes that you’ll take some time to visit. You may want to "lurk"… perhaps respond, but you’ll always learn something.  

It’s a great community and I highly recommend checking it out.


Today's conversations highlight some of the storms HR must face inside and outside their workplaces.  What's the best way to prepare and stay calm? 


In the General HR group,  an HR director in Houston, Texas wants to know how others are preparing their workplaces for Hurricane Harvey...    

"What are you planning for Friday?  Early release or closing the office? I know sometimes, depending on the timing of the weather, it can be easy to have ees come into work but difficult to get away in the afternoon."

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During a hurricane weather situation, it's always good to stay calm.  But how can an HR professional stay calm amidst the daily events that drive them crazy?  in the General HR Group, an HR specialist in California is looking for some advice...

"This has been bugging me for years... Today, I almost gave in when NEW employee came in complaining about his schedule. I did tell him a few times, to discuss the matter with his supervisor but he kept going on and on... If I were not an HR professional I would have told him how I really felt about the incessant whining but I could not. Maybe I am just tired and in need for a day off but I wonder... How do we/you stay calm?"

Please, some one, tell me a funny story...

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