SHRM Connect: SHRM Certification, a New HR Generalist and a Discrimination Case with No Notes

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In the Employment Law area, a poster asks about a discrimination court case and lack of interview notes:

I had a quick question or 2 regarding a discrimination court case that my company has open.  We are in the process of moving toward depositions and I was just curious about a few things.  I was not the HR person when this incident happened (it happened over 2 years ago) and it is a discrimination claim stemming from the treatment of an applicant during the interview process.  I wanted to gather a few thoughts on the following questions.

We have very few notes and I mean very few notes on the applicant claiming discrimination and nothing at all paints that candidate in a negative or unqualified light.  On the other side of the coin, we have zero notes, absolutely none on the person that was given the job.  It was stated by the managers doing that interview that technical questions were asked, but those questions and answers do not appear in any notes taken during those interviews.  The only thing that we can rely on for what really happened are written statements made by each manager that was in the room and those have conflicting information in them.

  • How does the lack of notes reflect on us as an organization?
  • What chance do we have as an organization without the notes?
  • With the statements that we have that include conflicting information should we be worried?

I just wanted the take on the situation from other HR professionals that have been in this situation before.

Thank you!

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In the General HR area, a poster asks for advice on the SHRM Certification:

I have been thinking about enrolling to receive a certification through SHRM. I meet the qualifications to receive my SHRM-CP. Looking for some input/advice.

1. For those who have received this, did you find it beneficial?

2. Has anyone done the 'learn at your own pace'?

      a. If so, how was it? I know everyone has different learning styles.

      b. How much time per week did you devote to this?

      c. How long did it take you overall?

      d. How much did it cost you at the end?

Thank you in advance.

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In the HR Department of One area, a poster is looking for a few tips as she begins a new HR Generalist role:

I have just started a newly created HR Generalist role with a small non-profit.  The HR dept consists of myself and the Operations Director.  Part of my orientation is to meet with management/senior staff to discuss their roles within the organization and how I can be of assistance.  I am wondering what questions should I ask them?  Does anyone have a standard set of questions to use for this purpose?  Or where to direct me?  Any help is greatly appreciated.

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