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Most Ridiculous WC Claim 

Had an employee bump their shin last week and decide they needed to go to Urgent Care....

Diagnosis - bruise.

Restrictions - sit for 5 minutes per hour until 1/30/2021 - injury occurred 1/19/2021, followed up 1/23/2021 and did x-rays, no fractures, still just a bruise.

Would normally not be recordable, but the restrictions..... I'm sorry, but really?

Anyone have any more ridiculous?

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Employee Asked to Return to Office and Requesting Reimbursement

Most of our employees have been working home for the past year. We've asked one of our employees to begin commuting back to the office on a daily basis because they are going to be more effective at this point being on site. Now the employee is saying they were saving hundreds a month by not commuting and if we are requiring them to go back they want to either be reimbursed or be given a pay increase to cover the added expense. They claim it's not fair we're not requiring most of our other work from home employees to go back to the office every day. We are not sure how to address this because we were not reimbursing these costs pre-pandemic but they have a point that many others will continue to benefit from the savings they'll no longer have. Any suggestions on how to handle?

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Employee About to Be Termed Files a Complaint!

Hi everyone,

We have a terrible timing situation on our hands, and would appreciate some advice on how to handle it.

A long-tenured staff member was caught stealing products a couple years ago. We only issued a final warning, and the problem appeared to resolve. Turns out it didn't actually though, because a week ago, someone reported they saw them steal. It took a few days to get all the witness accounts and camera footage together, but we have three incidents now verified by camera footage. Obviously this time we're ready to term and are planning to have that conversation tomorrow (the employee was off yesterday and today).

EXCEPT that, on Saturday the employee went to the operations manager and filed a harassment complaint against one of our managers. The subject of the complaint wasn't one of our witnesses, and it would appear the two incidents are unrelated. We need to interview the complainant for more info tomorrow, then will continue with an investigation.

SO, do we hold off on the term until the investigation is complete, or do we term immediately after the interview, but complete the investigation anyway because we take the complaint seriously? Obviously, we don't want it to look like retaliation, but the camera footage and witness accounts predate the complaint.

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