SHRM Connect: The Company President Does Not Like Flex Time

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The pressures of balancing work and life in the 21st century create huge amounts of stress for today’s workforce.  Employers who can help to alleviate some of this stress, by offering flex time and other options for work flex, will win in the ongoing competition to find and keep the best talent.

On November 3, U.S. Rep. Mimi Walters (R-Calif.) introduced the Workflex in the 21st Century Act (H.R. 4219). This bill was created in partnership with SHRM and with the input of many HR professionals who design workplace flexibility and paid leave guidelines for today’s workforce.

In Everyone Wins with Workflex Legislation, SHRM CEO Hank Jackson writes, “The modern workplace is transforming; so too should the rules that govern it. From new parents to non-parents, and from Millennials to Baby Boomers, this bill helps all employees achieve a better work-life fit and enables employers to ensure predictability and fairness across their workplaces. Everyone wins.”

Unfortunately, many employers remain reluctant to offer flexibility to employees; and the ones that do only offer it to specific groups of employees, or to those with empathetic managers.

The post below highlights the workflex woes of one such employer...

General HR

Subject: Flex Time issue

First of all we do not offer flex time (exempt and non exempt) But, if you had a doctor's appointment you were able to make up the hour or so without using your sick time.  AND then one of our employees started to leave every Friday at noon.  He would come in an hour early everyday and take half a day off every Friday since he was driving 1.5 hrs to spend the weekend with his girlfriend.  Then we had another employee started coming in 1/2 hour early and leave early.  The president does not like flex time, he wants everyone here from 8-4:30 unless you are using sick time or vacation time. He is afraid there would be no one in the office on Friday afternoon.(Which is probably true).  Because of these two employees now we can't even make up an hour for doctors appointments.  I know we are way too strict with this.    How does your company handle flex time or leaving early to go to the doctor?

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