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A Memo on FFRCA Ending?

Curious if anyone is sending out a memo that FFCRA (covid sick pay) is ending after 12/31? If so do you mind sharing what you will be sending out?

We will not be extending the covid sick pay voluntarily which means employees will have to use their available time off or be unpaid.

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How Soon Do You Call the Emergency Contact?

We haven't really had to call emergency contacts very often (maybe twice a year).  This morning we had an EE (who has a stellar attendance record, is always early, etc.) not show up for work this morning.  Their manager texted, then called them after 15 minutes and left a message.  We hadn't heard back, so I decided to call the emergency contact when it had been 1 hour past their start time.  Just as soon as I called their contact, the EE called the manager back, turns out they overslept.

I think if it had been an EE who didn't have so great of an attendance record, I would have waited longer to call. Both the manager and myself were a bit worried something may have happened to the EE.

Do you typically wait a short amount of time, or give it a few hours?  Does it depend on the employee?

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Supervisor Telling Employee He's Too Old

One of our managers told me that during an annual evaluation, an employee mentioned that his direct supervisor has been making jokes about his age (he's over 40) and that his supervisor has been telling him that he should just retired because "he's old".

I'm new to HR, so I'm still learning to navigate situations like this. The manager said he didn't get much information beside that, so I asked him to have a follow-up conversation with the employee to get more information. I then think we should have a coaching conversation with the employee that has been telling jokes to let him know that those comments are inappropriate and he needs to correct that behavior.

Am I on the right track here?  Thank you.

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Other Than By Seniority, How Do You Handle Vacation Requests?

Until last year, we have awarded requests for vacations during the Holidays (Independence Day, Labor, Day, Christmas etc) by seniority but we want to change it this year. We are a starter company and have not run into this problem before, but now we have the same employees year after year taking the week of Christmas off (for example) leaving no room for others. We are trying to find a better way to award these days that is more equitable for all employees.

Can ya'll share how do you do it in your company? Thanks in advance!

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