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Better Title or Higher Pay?

I am currently job hunting due to serious cultural issues and an outright hostile work environment (yes, I mean in the true legal sense of HWE) at my current job. I work in HR in an industry where pay is a bit higher than most other industries in my area. I have interviewed for multiple positions where the title and responsibilities are a higher level but because they are in different industries the pay is about the same as I earn now.

I am miserable in my current position and am very tempted by the idea of a better job title (or maybe just a job at a better company altogether would be ideal regardless of title). I feel a better job title will help my marketability down the road.

I am not a person who must have an impressive job title to feel important but do need to sustain a reasonable salary to live. I also believe that has contributed to my career stalling somewhat (not needing a certain job title to elevate my self-worth). I've gotten to a point where I may need to strive for the title for my next role to be strategic.

Has anyone else had to make decisions similar to this? Or does anyone have any constructive advice on this issue? Better title or better pay?

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What Would You Do? -- FMLA

An employee is leaving for a procedure that will take up to 2 months to recover. The employee's procedure is scheduled 2 weeks before their 1 year anniversary. Would you approve FMLA?  

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What To Do With Employee Who Is Ill But Has Taken So Much Time Off 

Both my boss and I are at a loss and need some suggestions... We are a very small company of (20) people at this time. We have a beloved employee who was diagnosed with Cancer.  She has been out for surgery and Chemo and received a partial salary, plus vacation and sick pay and refused the Short Term Disability offer. (All documented)  She now needs to go for four weeks of radiation every weekday morning for 4 hrs per day.  My question is:  Can we make her an hourly employee (she is currently salaried) before next month so that we can pay her for the time she is here on an hourly basis?  If I am not making sense...sorry...writing quickly.

Any help is so appreciated!

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