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Benefits - Employee Wants to be Refunded

We have an employee (new hire) who recently became eligible for benefits a couple months ago. She enrolled but changed her mind. She emailed the previous HR to decline but that is as far as it went. Fast forward to now, the employee is requesting a refund for the deductions (she recently noticed benefits were being deducted). We are reaching out to the broker to find out if the carriers will issue a refund. In the event that fails, what would be some other options? The company could "eat" the cost and refund her but are there any other options that I'm not thinking of?

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Dropping Marijuana from Drug Screen

Okay, so we are looking at dropping marijuana from our drug screens. I contacted our testing site and it would actually make the price of our screening increase by about $20 per test which I found odd. My question to you all that are no longer considering marijuana a knock out - do you now do testing that doesn't report marijuana, or do you do testing that would show marijuana but don't consider it to be a knockout from employment? Basically, should we spend the extra $20 for the non-THC tests or just allow positive THC tests to still be considered for employment?

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Can We Require Applicants to Show Their Face on Zoom Interviews?

Can we require candidates we’re interviewing to show their faces for Zoom interviews? Most aren’t, so it feels like a waste of even setting one up-it could have just been a phone call. I look for body language, facial responses to questions, etc., so seeing their faces is important to me.

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Advice for New(er) HR Professionals

First and foremost, thank you to all of you who participate on this board. I'm so grateful to have discovered Connect this year as it's been a great learning opportunity, and it helps me to see how other HR professionals handle different situations.

I'm curious if any of you have advice you would offer to those new(er) to the field of HR or just generally to people starting their career. 

As background, I graduated from undergrad in 2018 and earned my MBA this year, and I have about three years of HR experience. While the textbooks are a great starting point, this board and experience tend to be better teachers. For example, I feel like the courses I took explained how things should be done and communicated that it's HR's job to enforce everything. Since joining this board, my eyes have been opened to the fact that HR is meant to be an advisor not a manager. Perhaps I misunderstood when taking the courses, but I believe this to be a major contributor to many previous miscommunications or frustrations I've had with management; I saw my role as ensuring policies and procedures are properly followed, and one manager in particular would see that as overstepping. Things have gone much smoother since adapting my mentality to advise and let them make the decision. 

What knowledge or lessons have you learned that people don't typically get from the classroom? (book recommendations welcome as well!) Thanks in advance and happy holidays!

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