SHRM Connect: An I-9 Audit ... at the Airport?

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An I-9 audit can be stressful.  Especialy when you're not sure if it's legitimate...  and when your attorney tells you to box up all your I-9 forms and documents and take them to the airport.  

In the HR Department of One group, an HR professional in Michigan writes:

Subject: I-9 Audit 

I received a call from a person stating they were with the dept of homeland security and wanted to audit our I-9 information.  I tried to return the call three times and got "voicemail is full".  I received a second call from this person stating that I was to have received a letter from them asking for our payroll records and an address to box up and ship out our original I-9 documentation/books.  I was floored by the request and immediately asked how long they would have these books.  The person initially joked and said for a couple of years but then stated it could take 2-3 months and then they would be returned.  I have never heard of this type of audit.  I contacted a resource for HR and they too thought this was suspicious and advised that I contact our attorney.  I have done this as well and he is just as suspicious as I am.  Have any of you come across this type of situation in the past?


I had a phone conversation with our attorney and he asked me to call the person back and request the letter be emailed to me so that I could forward that to him.  I did so.  The letter gave no information on sending the books off-site or the length of time that they would be gone for, as the person had suggested, over the phone.  This had me bothered.  I set up a meeting with our CEO and the attorney to go over this. I went to the website for ICE that had been suggested here in a reply and printed off the information.  The attorney stated that "these" auditors can play games and we should be as accommodating as possible, direct and to the point when questioned.  I am confident in our I-9 process but surely don't like going through all these hoops when I still feel like something is off.  Example, the letter that was emailed to me says US Department of Homeland Security but the address is listed as such:
U.S. Department of Homeland Security
(Street Address)
(City, State, and Zip Code)
Do we know how to spot fake ID for the potential auditor that comes to the property?
I did call DHS and they had me speak with eVerify who ended up being DHS when they answered.  They assured me that they would never email a request nor would they ask me to send anything out.  I have asked the attorney to take over from here.
Attorney has called me and said he spoke to the auditor.  I am being told, by the attorney, to take the original I-9 forms and all of the documents they are asking for, to the airport for the audit.
I am beside myself in disbelief.
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