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Accidentally Hit "Reply All"

I need some advice. For the first time in my life, I accidentally hit Reply All to an email and made an inappropriate comment about an employee. I am embarrassed by my behavior and lack of sensitivity and absolutely mortified at my stupidity. Please remember that when you read the scenario.

Here's the situation:

Our HR Admin sent out an email welcoming our new hires. We give new hires a questionnaire to fill out so everyone can "get to know" them a little better. Then, the HR admin sends an email introducing them and sharing their answers to the questionnaire with all employees.

One of the questions is: What is your favorite movie?

A new hire wrote that one of his favorite movies is Dumb and Dumber.

I hit Reply All and wrote: "One of his favorite movies is Dumb and Dumber?"

For some reason, I found this funny. I'm not sure why and it's not relevant.

It went to many, many employees before I could recall it.

What do I do now? Do I send an email to the new hire apologizing? What do I say?

My boss is in a meeting today and I would really like to send him a pre-emptive email begging for his mercy, but I don't know what to say to him either.

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Request for More Male Candidates

I recently started a new job working as the HR Manager for a small firm.  Today, after interviewing a candidate for a position, the hiring manager made the comment, that the candidate was a woman, and he would prefer more male candidates, because his entire team is women, and they can't work as many hours as he needs them to work, because they have to go home and take care of their families. He did not directly ask me to source for more male candidates, and potentially was just venting about the pressures he feels with the work he's managing, but I wasn't sure how to respond.  of course, I can't source for more men, but in the future, should I just blatantly explain to him that would count as discrimination?

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Employee Has FMLA For Mother’s Health. Do We Have To Accommodate Her Request For Flex Schedule?

We have an employee who works remotely from home. She is on FMLA - takes care of her elderly mother that lives with her. She is asking for a flex schedule. Work 9-12 then a couple of hours in afternoon work then a couple at night to work. So split the day up 3 times. This type of schedule does not work for our business needs. However, we would be willing to offer her the option of taking a 2-hour lunch from 12-2 then coming back to work for the rest of the day.
Question: Do we have to accommodate a flex schedule for her or what works for us??

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