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WWYD? - Breastfeeding on Zoom Calls

I'll preface this with the fact that this is not something that happened at my company. I work with a population of 95% male in a manufacturing environment, so this is unlikely ever a scenario I'd have to worry about. With that being said...

My friend text messaged our group of friends yesterday and said "Today during a meeting a woman whipped out her boob and started breastfeeding her baby." Not a lick of modesty.  Not opposed to breastfeeding, but please cover your giant boob. I don't need to see that. I don't even know her. It was so awkward!!" She went on to confirm that this was during an 8-person zoom meeting, the breastfeeding mother did not turn off her camera, and there were men on the call that were clearly uncomfortable with what was happening. My first thought (and response) was, "I'm glad I'm not your HR person!" My next was, "I wonder what the SHRM Connect folks would do in this situation."

So what say you HR peeps?  WWYD? Who's level of comfort is more important in this situation? Would you address the breastfeeding mother? What would you say to the men if one of them complained that it made them uncomfortable?

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Employee Traveling While Having Tested Positive (COVID19)

I have an employee (one of 5) who has recently tested positive for COVID.  We are a small business, so 5 out is a big deal.  Another employee sent me a Facebook screenshot of one of the 5 who tested positive traveling out of state to attend a "party".  No, I don't police Facebook, but this was brought to my attention, and not sure what (if anything) i should do about it.  The employee who brought it to me is friends with this person on social media.  This employee is also receiving FFCRA pay while out.

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In Over My Head -- Accept Demotion?

I had the opportunity to move into an HR Director position with a company that was much more strategic in nature than my current role (HR Director with a much smaller company).  I jumped at the chance, ready to take on the challenge--only to discover that I'm probably in over my head.  It's a very fast-moving company--not necessarily the best environment for learning-as-you-go.  In my heart, I've known I probably haven't performed well, but it was confirmed when I had a conversation with our CEO (to whom I report).  Despite my lack of performance, he stated he'd love to have me stay with the company and would I be willing to step down into a lower role and they would hire someone to come into my role.  After thinking this through for a few days, I think it would be difficult for me to step down at this point in my career and stay with the company.  However, I would be open to some creative thinking to better align my role.

I'd like to hear from those of you who may have been in similar situations with a possible demotion--what did you do?  How did it work out?

And from others who could maybe help me with my creative thinking.  Any thoughts or ideas?

Thanks.  Looking to my HR comrades for a little bit of hope and encouragement here.

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Employee Refusing to Quarantine 

What are other companies doing if an employee refuses to quarantine because they don't want to take FFCRA leave or PTO? 
We had an employee that came in contact with a positive case and we have asked them to quarantine for 14 days. They have FFCRA available to them or they can use PTO (at this time we don't have additional COVID leave). This employee has said that he refuses to quarantine and that we are not allowed to tell him how to use his paid time off. 

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