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Want to attract and keep the best talent, and make them deliriously happy?  Let them bring their pets to work.
According to the SHRM Online News article How to be a Pet-Friendly Employer, "As organizations look to provide perks that will attract and retain key talent, many are coming to realize that offering pet-friendly benefits—whether that means take-your-dog-to-work days, pet insurance or animal-related volunteer excursions—can be an effective tool for improving recruitment, morale and even wellness." 
If you're looking to implement a pet-friendly policy, or if you already have one and can share some advice on how you made it work for everyone in your workplace, please take a few minutes to visit this SHRM Connect thread. 
General HR  
Subject: Pet Policies
I'm seeking sample policies related to pets: Bring Your Pet To Work, Pet Insurance, Pet Bereavement, etc., as well as the procedures, i.e., how difficult was its buy-in and implementation. Especially people with allergies? I have one individual who seems to be conveniently allergic to whatever the moment calls for: "Oh, you can't order cheese pizza ( I need a special kind), that kind of coffee, that perfume so-and-so is wearing, I'm allergic., etc. We once had a fake, but realistic stuffed dog here and employee saw it, claimed allergies and sneezed. When the person was told it had been here for the last month, the employee said nothing... Just saying: how did you address employee concerns about pets in the workplace? (allergies, barking, peeing, scratching things, biting, etc.)  Thanks.
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