SHRM Certification & #SHRM16: Show Your @SHRMCertified Pride #SHRM16



Who’s ready for #SHRM16!?!  The SHRM Annual Conference is upon us.  We are just a short 24 hours away from hosting 15,000 HR professionals all committed to making a breakthrough. At SHRM this is a special time of year.  This is an opportunity to say thank you to a part of our membership in person.  It is a chance to welcome our SHRM family and help them make important discoveries for career success.  It is the moment where we tie it all together to give YOU the member the best developmental experience possible.   

Among the 15,000 attendees is a select group who have committed to their professional development and embarked upon a journey toward success.  I am referring to those who are @SHRMCertified with a clear emphasis on developing not just what they know but how they use it.  For you SHRM-certified attendees, we offer a truly special experience with a focus on meeting your professional development needs.  We build this developmental experience for you by offering critical programming, a special lounge, and a reception you can call your own.  These highlights include:

1)      Learn More about SHRM Certification and Why It Matters to You—This year we will have over 10 sessions across various venues offering you the latest metrics about SHRM certification.  In addition, we’ll give you a chance to ask questions of SHRM staff and develop an understanding of what lies ahead.  Learn about cool new features available with your SHRM certification and receive guidance on building a competency-based development approach.  Ask us about anything and everything.  I guarantee you’ll get your answer. 

2)      Loungin’ is Key—The SHRM Certification Lounge is a hub for certified professionals to take advantage of all things certification.  Whether you want to meet other SHRM-CPs and SHRM-SCPs or need a place with powerful wifi or jones-ing for cookies and lemonade, the Certification Lounge is your answer.  Come on over and you might learn about the best strategies for recertification or get the chance to beta-test all sorts of new apps and portal features. If nothing else, you will have access to the coolest building.  The Carnegie Library is one of the most storied buildings in DC.  The White House clearly edges it out but it’s closer than you’d think.

3)      It’s Not a Party without a Reception—On Monday June 20th, we will be hosting a party for our SHRM Certified community at the Carnegie Library.  RSVP today Stop on by and enjoy a cocktail or two. Get to know your peers and revel in your success.  We will feed you to your heart’s content and give you a great parting gift.  If you see me, say hello.  I promise not to bite. 

As noted in a recent Forbes article, #SHRM16 is the globally-recognized home of great HR with thousands of top practitioners striving to get even better. What will you take advantage of at #SHRM16? Where will you make your certified breakthrough?  Share your breakthrough with @SHRMCertified and follow us on Twitter. We look forward to seeing you there.  




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