SHRM and CFGI Prepare for RNC and DNC Conventions

In just a few days, hundreds of delegates will assemble in Cleveland for the Republican National Convention. SHRM and our strategic affiliate, the Council for Global Immigration (CFGI), will be there. We will also be at the Democratic Convention the week after in Philadelphia when they nominate their candidate for the White House. SHRM will be the only human resources organization attending these events, representing 285,000 SHRM members.

SHRM is heading to the conventions this year to make sure your HR voice is heard. We will shape the national conversation, raise the profile of the HR profession and send an early signal to the eventual victor about which issues matter to us, the organizations we represent and the economy as a whole.

To advance modern workplace policies, SHRM and CFGI unveiled during our annual conferences in Washington, D.C. a set of guiding principles for a 21st Century Workplace, which convey the importance of public-policy initiatives that create workplaces that are Innovative, Fair and Competitive. SHRM and CFGI will advocating these principles with all members of Congress, as well as with both presidential campaigns in the months ahead.

The major party conventions are the next logical forum to make the case for these principles and the policies we endorse. We will also build on our strong partnerships with two key groups, the Republican Main Street Partnership and Third Way, who will play prominent roles at the RNC and DNC conventions, respectively. Additionally, we will be working closely with our media partner, CNN, to make sure our issues and our involvement have their moment in the spotlight.

SHRM members in both cities will attend events we are hosting. Even though you may not be there in person, you can follow SHRM and CFGI through real-time coverage of activities throughout the weeks ahead. Check us out on Twitter, where we will use the hashtags #HRVotes and #21CenWork. SHRM and CFGI will be blogging during the conventions as well. And you can catch livestream broadcasts of our participation at both conventions, including remarks by SHRM CEO Hank Jackson in Cleveland, through our livestream feed on our Facebook page.

Rest assured that our commitment to the issues that matter to you will continue after the balloons and confetti are swept up. We are already putting plans in place to reach out to the transition team for whichever candidate wins the White House, as well as the leaders and members of the next Congress.

Tune in and stay ready to do your part. You can start by reminding all candidates that #HRvotes through SHRM’s Policy Action Center. The Policy Action Center provides important resources regarding voting information, presidential candidate platforms and SHRM’s position on a variety of workplace issues.

Remember when it comes to public policy you are either at the table or on the menu- so join us to make sure your HR Voice is heard this election season!


Originally posted on the SHRM Policy Action Center Blog.



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