SHRM 2015: Revitalize, Revamp, Renew


With over 600 vendors, about 200 sessions, daily Smart Stage, and thousands of attendees, SHRM 2015 was successful in educating HR pros and novices in trending ideas and practices that can give HR a seat at the table. Between sessions with Marcus Buckingham and the more intimate ones with those presenting on the Smart Stage like Blake McCammon and Stacey Carroll, the conference this year revitalized attendees.

Reviving New Thoughts

Sharing experiences with other professionals in your field dusts off the excitement around HR. Kari Chinn, Human Resources Manager at MedAmerica, attended the conference this year to rejuvenate and listen to other ideas and viewpoints.

“When you’re around the same people in the office all year, sometimes ideas get stale. This is a great opportunity to spark ideas and maybe a new way of doing things.”

Branching Beyond “Normal”

Outside of listening to the sessions, walking to different vendors like LifeDojo, precipitates varying mentalities around wellness in the workplace. Commonly addressed from a physical standpoint with physical rewards, LifeDojo concentrates on the mental scale by instilling better habits in employees. CEO Chris Cutter (@ChristoCutter) said:

“We are really excited to be at SHRM this year to be able to talk about mental and physical health wellness.”

Tools to Make it All Easier

Companies that provide pet insurance, company perks and everything in between, if there’s a tool you’re looking for to make your name better (or more engaged), it was at SHRM this year. Even without a budget to spend, or authority to do so, it’s worth it to know what options are available. But these aren’t the only tools; knowledge is power, right? Well, that’s where the sessions come in. Seasoned professionals who have dealt with problems similar to yours and can give you the information to guide you through the problem.

Whatever your reason for being at SHRM this year, it was a massive gathering of experience, tools and knowledge. As a chance to renew your HR department and the growth of your employees, they are one step further to getting a seat at the business table.



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