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In June, thousands of HR professionals from all walks of life will come together at the SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition to acquire knowledge, discover solutions, find inspiration and make connections. As a community, attendees will prepare to go “All In” for making the new workplace work. But it’s also important to stop and reflect upon what we as individuals are “All In” for. What are the things that drive and motivate us? What are we committed to?

We want you to show us!

We want you to share a short video (20 seconds) that visually shows what you’re most passionate about in your own life – whether at home, the workplace or in your local community. Do you love to garden? Show us. Are you training for a marathon? Show us. Do you volunteer in your community? You get the idea.

Personally, I decided a few years ago to jump all in and explore more of the world. Prior to my thirties, I had only ventured as far as Costa Rica with an environmental science class. I grew tired of saying things like, “I’ve always wanted to go to Europe,” and one day I woke up and decided to make it a reality. And I really went “All In.”

On that vacation alone I visited England, France, Spain, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands. Since then I’ve added Denmark and Italy to my list. Travel has not only allowed me to widen my world view and experience things I never thought possible, it also helped me in my job to make more meaningful connections with my colleagues and be a better communicator and storyteller.

That’s why for my “All In” moment, I posted this video of my visit to Venice on a windy day.

So, what are you “All In” for? Show us in your video, which you can post to your Instagram or Twitter account using the hashtags #ALLinSHRM17 and #SHRM17. We will use these videos to inspire attendees at the SHRM 2017 Annual Conference & Exposition.

Submitting your video is easy:

1. Record a video of something you’re committed to, love, or find visually interesting and beautiful.

Capturing your video in portrait (vertical) position is preferred.

Your video should be around 20 seconds long.

2. Upload your video to Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #ALLinSHRM17 and #SHRM17 in the caption.

Your account needs to be public for us to see your videos with the hashtag. If you have a private account, you can still share your video by sending it as a direct message.

For private Instagram accounts, swipe left after opening the app, click the “+” button and send a direct message to @shrmofficial to submit your video.

For private Twitter accounts, click the messages button on the bottom menu, then the “+message” icon on the top right and send a direct message to @SHRM.

3. Add a short caption to your video.

Some examples include a video taken in a foreign place with the caption, “I’m ‘All In’ for adventurous world travel. #ALLinSHRM17 #SHRM17,” or selfies with family captioned, “I’m ‘All In’ for sharing precious moments with loved ones. #ALLinSHRM17 #SHRM17.”

Need inspiration? Take a look at this video for examples of the kinds of visual imagery we’re looking for. 

Please submit your video by Friday, May 26.
If you have questions or need assistance, please send an email to We can’t wait to see what you’re “All In” for!


By submitting a video, you agree that your entry and/or derivative works thereof may be broadcast, used, and distributed by SHRM without limitation through any means (including, but not limited to, use in whole or in part at SHRM conferences, on SHRM’s website or other social media sites, for other SHRM promotional or publicity purposes, etc.). You also agree that you will not receive any compensation for your participation or for any use of your video or derivative works by SHRM. You understand that SHRM is under no obligation to broadcast or use your video. You confirm that your video entry is entirely your own original work or is otherwise authorized for such use without obligation to your or any third party. You also agree to the use of your name, likeness, portrait or pictures, voice, and biographical information about you (including, but not limited to, your company name, city, state) by SHRM for publicity and organizational promotional purposes in connection with your video entry. You release SHRM, its employees, agents, and assigns from all liability which may arise from any and/or all claims by you or any third party in connection with your creation and submission of this video. By submitting a video, you confirm that you have read and agree to all Requirements and Rules related to this video submission process.



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