Shaping the Future of HR: Insights from Jim Link, CHRO of SHRM

As HR professionals, we are constantly seeking ways to evolve and shape the HR profession for the better. With the rapid advancements in technology and the changing landscape of work, it becomes crucial to stay updated and prepared for the challenges ahead. In a recent conversation on the HRchat podcast, Bill Banham spoke with Jim Link, the CHRO of SHRM, to discuss his experiences, insights, and the exciting developments in the HR field. Let's delve into some key takeaways from their conversation.



Ahead of last year's SHRM Annual Conference and Expo, Bill Banham and I had the opportunity to interview the then-new CHRO of SHRM, Jim Link SHRM-SCP about his hopes for his new role and the part SHRM events play in shaping and evolving the HR profession. A year on, Bill spoke with Jim on the HRchat podcast about how his position with SHRM is progressing, why role models and coaches are important to career development, how generative AI and other technologies are changing the HR profession at pace, and what to expect from his sessions at #SHRM23.

Listen to the conversation between Bill Banham and Jim Link here.

Challenges and Achievements as SHRM CHRO

Jim Link shared his perspective on the challenges and achievements he has faced during his tenure as the CHRO of SHRM. While each organization has unique hurdles, Jim emphasized the importance of having role models and coaches for problem-solving. He stressed that organizations should bridge the gap between understanding knowledge and applying it effectively to solve problems. This approach enhances the capability of HR professionals to tackle challenges proactively.

The Rise of Generative AI and HR's Preparedness

In his LinkedIn post, Jim highlighted the game-changing impact of technology adoption in HR functions in the upcoming year. He raised a vital question: Is your organization prepared to keep pace? As generative AI and other technologies continue to augment or replace traditional HR functions, it becomes crucial for HR professionals to adapt and acquire new skills. Jim discussed the predictions for the next 12 months, shedding light on the evolving landscape and the need for HR to embrace technology as an enabler.

What to Expect at SHRM23

The SHRM23 conference promises to be an enriching experience for HR professionals. Jim Link expressed his excitement about the event, emphasizing the value it holds for attendees. The conference offers a platform to learn about cutting-edge HR practices, network with industry leaders, and gain insights into emerging trends and challenges. With a diverse range of sessions and workshops, attendees can expect to enhance their knowledge, skills, and network.

Must-See Speakers at SHRM23

Jim shared his enthusiasm for the notable speakers lined up for SHRM23. These speakers are industry experts who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the conference. Jim encourages attendees to engage with these speakers, as their insights will be invaluable for understanding the future of HR. It is an excellent opportunity to gain inspiration and learn from the best in the field.

Celebrating SHRM's 75th Anniversary

This year, SHRM celebrates its 75th anniversary, marking a significant milestone for the organization. The long-standing impact of SHRM in advancing the HR profession cannot be understated. As HR professionals, it is a momentous occasion to be part of this legacy and reflect on the progress made over the years. It also signifies the commitment of SHRM to continue leading the way and empowering HR professionals.

Insights from Jim's #SHRM23 Sessions

Jim Link will be involved in sessions at #SHRM23 that are not to be missed. These sessions will offer practical takeaways and valuable lessons for attendees. Jim's expertise in building inclusive workplaces, talent acquisition management, leadership development, and more will provide attendees with actionable strategies to drive positive change in their organizations. The sessions aim to equip HR professionals with the tools needed to navigate the evolving HR landscape successfully.


The conversation between Bill Banham and Jim Link provides us with a glimpse into the challenges, insights, and exciting developments in the HR profession. As HR professionals, it is vital to embrace the changing landscape, leverage role models and coaches, and be prepared for the transformative impact of generative AI and other technologies. With SHRM23 around the corner, the conference presents an opportunity to learn from industry experts, celebrate SHRM's 75th anniversary, and acquire actionable knowledge to move the HR profession forward.

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