Sexual Harassment



I don’t want to tell you anything you already know, but here goes!

Several states now MANDATE certain employers train employees in sexual harassment prevention.

How did we get here? Why must we legislate decency and manners?

Many seem to think we sexually harass each other because we don’t know better. Some think it is because our elders didn’t do a good job teaching us how to behave ourselves. Others think it’s because we watched too much television as children. Maybe it’s a blend?

I believe we know better. We just elect not to do better and lack self-discipline.

I don’t believe the stuff about parents not teaching kids about how to comport themselves in a polite society either. Most people seem to have been taught right. They just don’t do right! We get older, make our own decisions, and (mis)behave on our own volition.

I don’t want to blame it on our TV consumption either, though it is easy for my generation to blame Richard Dawson. He used to smooch each and every single female contestant on the Family Feud every night! Right smack on the mouth he did!!  That guy normalized mouth-kissing - he and Bugs Bunny!! 

Plus, if TV were the culprit,

  • Why aren’t we tactful like Archie Bunk--…
  • Why aren’t we calm and cool like Dr. David Banner on the Incredible Hu--…
  • Why aren’t we irreverent like Saturday Night Li--.

Okay…It was the TV!!

Employers, because of television in the seventies, you must invest heavily in sexual harassment prevention training for your employees!



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