Seven Ways to Avoid Trouble in Vegas at #SHRM19


Some suggestions for staying out of trouble as you have fun at the 2019 SHRM Annual Conference and Exposition (#SHRM19) in Las Vegas:


Want to connect with someone? 

Make sure you talk about meeting up, not hooking up. 

Less you wish to be the subject of a “metoo” claim.

Extracurricular activities

Remember what happens in Vegas stays on the Internet. 

So don’t do anything you would not want your friends and family to read about.


Limit consumption or risk the price of lack of inhibition.

When ordering a second drink, ask for half a glass.

When the server say “no,” decline the drink and stop drinking.


Great to share but be careful on confidentiality.  Talk generalities and not specifics.

Remember, someday, you may be asked in a deposition: “did you discuss this case with anyone outside of work? “

Best if your answer can be “no,” at least as to conference attendees.


Let’s return to connecting. Where should you meet up?

Stay out of the hotel rooms of others and do not have others in yours.

Any exceptions? Possibly, but just remember there is another name for a hotel room: bedroom. 


It can be fun. But look at how nice the properties are and how sad some of the gamblers are.

I bet more of you will lose than you will win. Just not sure where to place that bet.


Choose shows carefully.

Not a great idea to invite colleagues to burlesque.

Not sure? Ask!

Be direct: is there any full or partial nudity?


Oh, by the way, have fun.


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