Serving Veterans Who Want to Serve Our Organizations


Today, as we recognize and thank the military servicemen and servicewomen who have given so much to our country, let’s not forget the other important ways veterans serve our nation—by providing needed skills and expertise in our workplaces.

One of the most tangible ways our HR profession—and we as individuals—can honor their service is to support them as they transition from their time in uniform to their next purpose-driven mission. But, as we know, the path from military to civilian life—for both veterans and their families—is not always smooth, and workplaces are not always prepared or equipped to ease the way for them.

SHRM is committed to helping organizations transition service members to the civilian workforce. When done right, it benefits everyone: Veterans can access the jobs they deserve, employers gain committed workers and our country becomes more competitive in the global marketplace.

This year, the SHRM Foundation launched a new initiative to make a measurable impact on integrating and engaging military veterans in the workforce and awarded more than 20 scholarships to veterans and those dedicated to veteran hiring. Hear the inspiring story of one award winner, veteran Cecilia Clark, here.

And this Veterans Day, in partnership with Starbucks, SHRM members will participate in workshops in 10 cities across the U.S., where HR will sit side-by-side with service-members for in-depth discussions on including and integrating military veterans into our organizations. This is an opportunity companies cannot afford to miss, because of the advantages these skilled, seasoned individuals bring to the workplace. In fact, there is no business culture in the world that shapes people for success the way the military does.

If you want to learn more, go to the SHRM Facebook page this Saturday, November 11, where we will be live-streaming the Philadelphia workshop at 2:00 PM EST. You may also follow and join the conversation on Twitter via the #HRandVets hashtag as both @SHRM and the @SHRMFoundation will be live-tweeting.

On Veteran’s Day, please take a moment to thank a veteran for their service. The personal sacrifice they and their families have made allow us to live in a free society and do the important work that we do. But you may also thank them for what they do to make our workplaces and organizations stronger by bringing their unique sense of service and commitment to a job well done.

Finally, I want to express my gratitude to all our veterans in the SHRM community.  We are grateful for your service to our country, and to the HR profession.


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