Parents Need Support from Workplaces Now More Than Ever

Working parents are struggling.

Day by day, hour by hour, they’re surfing the tides of uncertainty at home and work. A representative vignette: While zooming in to an all-hands meeting about a reorganization for their teams, a parent receives an incoming call from their child’s school about a COVID-19 exposure and yet another closure. By the time the All-Hands is over this parent is already in the car to pick up their child and calling one of seven friends or babysitters who might be able to help, while texting those at work...


How to Handle Employee Complaints Against Leadership: 12 Tips from HR

As an HR leader, what is your best practice for handling employee complaints against a manager or leader?

To help you adopt the best approach in handling employee complaints against leadership in your organization, we asked HR professionals and business leaders this question for their best insights. From keeping the employee in the loop to developing clear complaint processes that foster trust, there are several ways HR leaders can tactfully deal...


If You're Going To Change Your Corporate Culture, Do It Right

Executives today are focusing on company culture. They can build an effective corporate culture to improve customer satisfaction through acquiring additional knowledge from customers, developing better relationships with them, and providing a higher quality of service for them.

Company performance is determined thorough various aspects such as customer satisfaction. And executives can positively affect company performance through increased customer satisfaction. Company performance is what every executive is concerned about. Thus, there is a global need to cultivate a strong corporate culture to accomplish sustainable competitiveness in global markets. This strong...


EEO or Affirmative Action or DE&I – Is There A Choice For Employers?

Over the last several years, organizations have started to focus on creating and implementing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) programs in order to recognize and respond to the interests and needs of the personnel that make up their workforce. However, in these efforts, organizations sometimes assume there isn’t a need for Equal Employment Opportunity or Affirmative Action efforts. This can be a critical misstep – each program contributes to an organization’s success in unique ways. EEO, Affirmative Action, and DEI are not interchangeable. They are...


15 Key Elements Required to Activate Belonging at Work

To help you activate a genuine sense of belonging among your employees in the workplace, we asked HR and people managers this question for their best insights. From building a culture of sharing to allowing for self-expression, there are several things that are pointed out as the key elements required to effectively activate belonging in the workplace.

Here are 15 key elements these leaders employ to activate belonging at work:...


Ask an Advisor: Gas Prices Are How Much?

Employers are struggling as much as employees when it comes to increasing gas costs and other price hikes. Employees are asking if the wages they make are enough to cover the time and cost of getting to work, while employers are wondering if there is a financial benefit to allowing employees to work from home.

As a SHRM HR Knowledge Advisor, I have received calls asking how companies can help employees through this difficult time of rising gas prices. I can remember waiting in...


HR Lessons from Hurricane Ian

On Monday, September 26, 2022 at 4:06PM, my colleagues and I received an update from Raymond James CEO Paul Reilly announcing the closure of our headquarters in St Petersburg, FL.  You see, the Tampa/St. Pete area was in the consensus track for a direct hit by Hurricane Ian. I live in “Zone A”, the first of several zones to be included in the mandatory evacuation issued by Pinellas County.  My neighbors and I left our homes in search of higher ground and safer space.  I took a...


15 Ways to Become a Better Manager and Leader

How can leaders become better people managers?

To help you adopt the best ways to manage people as a great leader, we asked CHROs and experienced people managers for their best insights. From showing genuine care for your employees as people to inspiring curiosity in your team, there are several things leaders can consciously do to develop themselves and their people management skills to become better managers of their workforce.

Here are 15 ways these leaders used to become better people managers:


I’m Struggling… Get “Back on Track”!

In the movie “We are Marshall”, there is a scene where the new head football coach comes to recruit an assistant coach to join him as they rebuild a football program after a horrible plane crash that devastated the entire community. The asst coach being recruited was having a hard time and felt hopeless since the crash while working on his house. While the new head coach was there, he heard a train whistle and asked if that was the same train that went off the track years ago. Then followed up...


Addressing Healthcare Workforce Shortages Through Micro-Credentialing

By this point, it’s clear to hospitals and healthcare organizations that the pandemic revealed a need to rethink licensing and credentialing for caregivers in the healthcare sector. The result has been a worrying number of health care workers leaving their professions since 2020. There are many ways to stimulate entry into the profession. One way is to facilitate onboarding through credentialing requirements. Employing the use of skills-based trainings and micro-credentialing is one way to address this aspect of the shortage.

Addressing credentialing is specifically relevant given the areas where the losses have...