SHRM Talent Preview with Natalie Massey

The relationship between HR and administrative staff is vital to the success of an organization. While HR is responsible for managing and developing a company's workforce, administrative staff members play a critical role in supporting HR processes and functions. They are the backbone of the organization - for example, handling day-to-day tasks such as managing employee records, scheduling interviews, and maintaining compliance with labor laws and regulations.

The best HR leaders are focused on leveraging the skills and expertise of administrative staff members to improve people processes and HR functions. Why? Because by working closely with admin staff, HR leaders...


Women in the Workplace: Tips for Personal & Professional Growth

I am outnumbered in my house by independent and strong women (my two red-headed daughters, my oddly always-right wife, and our mini golden doodle Clover). I’ve also been fortunate enough to have been mentored by a barrier-breaking female in my early career 25-plus years ago. Looking back, this has truly been my life’s greatest professional blessing and the source of a lesson that has served me well throughout my career. Never be afraid to shut up and listen. And this post is one of those times.

March is Women’s History Month, a time to commemorate and celebrate the vital role...


New Chicago Employer Regulations for Sexual Harassment Training

The Chicago City Council has implemented new employer regulations requiring training to employees and supervisors on sexual harassment prevention and how bystanders should respond to sexual harassment.

The new ordinance also moves sections of the Human Rights Ordinance from Chapter 2-160 ("Human Rights") of the Municipal Code to Article 6 ("Worker Protections") and substantially revised former section 2-160-040 ("Sexual Harassment"), which is now part of section 6-10-040.

These amendments were officially effective beginning July 1, 2022, which means all Chicago employers must comply with by July 1, 2023.

Details and terms
The ordinance maintains the definition of "employer" in the...


How to Handle Compensation During a Recession, from New Hires to Pay Raises

With talk of a recession in the near future and layoffs at major companies driving headlines, it is easy for workers to feel nervous about their job stability and start asking questions. It’s imperative for HR leaders to keep abreast of labor market changes and appease those concerns by clearly communicating about salaries, raises and job stability.

An HR leader has a lot to navigate during these uncertain economic times including historically high merit increases, staffing levels, motivating performance and ensuring retention of key employees. Fears of a looming recession could have a positive or negative impact on compensation, so...


5 Ways HR Can Be More Strategic to the Business

One often overlooked aspect of the senior HR role is the question of how to elevate the position to be on par with leadership and equivalently tasked with transforming the business? 

Putting all other HR tasks aside for a moment, let’s look at why are we here. We exist to accelerate our client’s business goals. We're responsible for making sure we're partnering with leadership to help solve business challenges. We're helping to lead employees, change the organizational culture, get workers engaged and appropriately trained.




David Bowie has always been a beloved artist of mine, not only for his amazing catalog of music but also for how he was a chameleon throughout his career.

Bowie didn’t sit back and wait for change to affect him. He made change happen. He wasn’t willing to follow the norms of artistry, rock and roll or image. He was comfortable with who he was and expressed himself authentically.

I’ve tried to be more like Bowie when it comes to changes in my life, personally and professionally. When you choose to define the parameters of change around you, as he...


14 Ways to Build Authentic Relationships Across Differences in the Workplace

14 Ways to Build Authentic Relationships Across Differences in the Workplace

Whether working in the office, remotely or on a hybrid schedule, building authentic relationships with employees is key in helping employees develop a sense of belonging in the workplace. As leaders, it can be challenging to establish relationships without seeming like you...


How to Build Trust and Transform the Organization in 2023

Hopefully, by now, I convinced you through my previous articles that (1) trust is the foundation for your organization’s success while distrust will lead to its demise, and (2) that you, the HR professional, are ideally positioned to build trust in the organization, and nobody else is better suited for the job than you. That leaves one question unanswered. How? How do you build trust in the organization? This article will answer that question and propose a four-phase approach to building trust in the organization.

Phase 1: Kick-Off...


The Four Horsemen of the Mandated Return to Office

As increasing numbers of companies are requiring employees to return to the office for 3-5 days per week this fall, they’re running into the buzzsaw of what one of my clients called the “Four Horsemen of the Required Return to Office” - challenges with resistance, attrition, quiet quitting, and diversity.

The Four Horsemen stem from the fact that workers who are capable of working remotely prefer to do so for most or all of the time. For example, an August 2022 Gallup survey of remote-capable workers shows that 34% of respondents want to work full-time remotely, 60% want to work...