Report from #SHRM15 Part 2


Steve Browne's self-proclamation.

Steve Browne’s self-proclamation.

The day started with a HUGE dose of Steve Browne. If you are not familiar with Steve he is an HR executive in Ohio. He is an advocate of culture, not just good culture, but great culture. Some of my tweets from that session include:

  • HR should not do things they should “do” people!
  • Culture that rocks does not include button down Oxford shirts that are pale yellow.
  • Culture is the number 1 reason people stay at or leave your company.
  • HR is the only profession that beats itself up. We have to stop that.
  • We do projects, we don’t do people.
  • “meet me emotionally, that way we can communicate.”
  • Meet people where they are for a culture that rocks.

That gives you an idea of Steve. If you ever have an opportunity to see Steve you need to so so.

The keynote was Mika Brzezinski, co-host of the MNBC show Morning Joe. She told us the story of her negotiation process in getting that position. Her message focused on women understanding their value and being better at negotiating for a better wage. In her book Know Your Value she gives tips for women on doing a better job of improving their positions. She now has a new book called   Grow Your Value: Living and Working to Your Full Potential. Although she talked about the differing skills between men and women in negotiation, it is my opinion that these skills are valuable for men too.

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