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The keynote address to kick of the Monday at SHRM15 in Vegas was Marcus Buckingham. What a great presentation. I will be posting more about his work later. I plan on reading his book. Buckingham talks about employee engagement, but in a different manner than the normal discussion. A few tweetable moments I captured include:

  • So goes the leader so goes the organization. Per
  • We don’t build tools for team leaders, we build for the organization. WRONG emphasis! per
  • We can not remove subjectivity in rating. But turns out we want it. We want judgment.

His point was that we pay attention to the organization and not the employees. We need to pay attention to the employee. We need to give them data on the performance that is close in time and relevant to their performance in order to improve them as opposed to focusing on improving the organization. More later.

Buckingham did mention that last year we reach a watermark year with mobile transcending the desk top. It just so happened that right after that presentation I met with Joe Weinlick of and we talked  about the change in the candidate experience as a result of using mobile devices in their job searches. He mentioned that more and more job search candidates search via their mobile device and thus companies need to have their sites optimized for mobile. Unfortunately many do not, at least for the resume submission aspect of the candidate experience. Joe said that Beyond’s tracking has discovered that most job searchers initially look via mobile devices. However the resume submission process has to be done via a desktop. Obviously companies are going to need to be more adaptive.

One feature of Beyond is that they provide a great deal of assistance to the job searcher in providing feedback to the job searcher on their resume. FOR no cost. That is a deal. For employers they provide a very affordable opportunity to list jobs and take advantage of the matching Beyond does. Check them out at

In the morning I attended a session on using predictive analytics. Presented by Paul Karlzen, the Director of HR Information and Evaluation for Catholic Health Initiative, a 90,000 person Catholic health system. The room was filled because the use of analytics is a growing area that more and more HR professionals are paying attention to. A major tip from Karlzen is that you don’t have to go it alone. Many universities offer analytics assistance because it helps their students get practical experience. BTW, there are not enough of those people being trained, so there will be a shortage and they will be expensive.

Lastly, on Sunday night I had the opportunity to participate in a discussion on the future workforce and the use of predictive analytics. A fascinating discussion hosted by Brian Moran and sponsored by IBM. Then Monday morning I participated in a live Tweet Chat session on predictive analytics and the associated challenges. You can find this chat on Twitter by searching for #SmarterWorkforce. I will have more on this discussion later.




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