Remember When?

Recently, LaRosa's, opened a new location called Eastgate. I’m fortunate to be the Executive Director of HR for this iconic Cincinnati company, and we had a pivotal role in this store opening. HR interviewed every new potential Team Member because we were looking to add 70+ folks to this much larger pizzeria!

You may think that this isn’t such a unique story. I mean, EVERY HR person does recruiting! That’s not always true. I haven’t had to interview for over five years. It’s great to be in a role that is highly strategic, but it felt fantastic to be back in the field to meet potential new employees. We interviewed the candidates on-site and in booths in our restaurant. Again, not unique, but it was for us because typically the hiring is done by the Manager in his/her pizzeria.

So, why was this experience cool? Interviewing is just a “natural” skill in HR. There’s nothing special about it. Ahh, that’s where you’re wrong!






You see, the great new people we were talking to were going to be filling an incredible role! They are the front line connection to our guests who eat at our locations. Getting the best people is key for outstanding guest experience! Every hire counts. Every one.

Also, I forgot an incredible experience that I should have never taken for granted. The cool thing about a store opening is that we interviewed people, and then offered them a job right on the spot if they were going to join our team. To see a person get a job is a gift. Not giving them a job, but seeing their reaction. Often, we are a person’s first job ever. We also had people who were looking for new opportunities or a chance to work for our great company. In every case, the joy of their reaction was spectacular!

This new beginning should never be overlooked or seen as something mundane. When you hire someone, you change their lives! Often in HR, we become numb to the great things we get to do that alter people’s lives and careers. Don’t overlook it. It matters. If you don’t think so, ask a jobseeker.

Take a new approach to what you do HR. Look at it as how it impacts and affect’s humans. Trust me, you will never be jaded again! It will always give you that new sensation!

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