Reduce Workforce Turnover: Turn Over a New Leaf!

Creating workplace traditions that increase employee retention

It’s no secret that engaged employees tend to stay on the job longer. The question then becomes one of just how to get employees engaged so they will stick around. Even with incentive programs like 401K’s, many workers are so disenfranchised that they are willing to leave money on the table and simply move on to greener pastures.

So how do you ‘green up’ your own pastures? Sometimes it’s good to remind yourself of some basics…like the word HUMAN in Human Resources. Humans need to work, to feel appreciated, to be rewarded, challenged, and provided with stimulation. They need opportunities to connect with others of their kind, to serve and to be served. And they need to have fun! Activities and programs that are employee-centered and celebrate the lives and accomplishments of individuals or teams within your organization are incredibly important to the health of the enterprise, yet all too often deemed non-essential—especially if they require funding. Yet these non-essential, traditional activities are the most fertile ground in which personal relationships can grow and develop. And for the forward-thinking visionary, personal relationships are a catalyst in employee engagement.

Have you ever invited family members to participate in a celebration?  Or, sent flowers or a special note to someone related to an employee thanking that individual for the sacrifices they have had to make while their loved one worked long hours on a special project?  Start impactful traditions!

If your company is one of the many that is void of workplace traditions, it will take a new way of thinking to bring about change. Without people there are no profits. The value of each PERSON needs to be recognized, and the company needs to invest in non-essential activities that communicate appreciation while providing an environment where people can connect.









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