Recruiting: A Smaller World Than You Might Think


It’s amazing how much can change over the course of five years. Back in 2012, I had my first taste of recruiting while working for one of the largest third-party logistics company - NFI. My first recruiting boss? Glenn Manko.

Fast forward five years, a few company changes, and a transition from recruiting to marketing, and here I am, sitting across from Glenn again. Although we are in different departments, we have the opportunity to work together again.

Why am I telling you this?

The recruiting world (and arguably any industry you are deeply rooted in) is smaller than you think, and there are a few things to keep in mind as you continue on your path in this world.

Focus on relationships. You never know who you might bump into in the future. Take the time to build solid relationships with the people you work with. Although there are people we have all had the pleasure of working for or with that we would never want to see again – there are far too many that we may bump into again in the future.

Focus on building positive relationships, adding value wherever you can, and maintain rapport in everything you do.

Be careful of burning any bridges. If you do burn a bridge, own it and move on. Shortly after I left NFI in 2013, I was already regretting my decision to leave. I had reached back out to Glenn, and had an opportunity to come back and work with him and the recruiting team again. Unfortunately, I ended up going a different direction, and I was worried this would hinder a future relationship.

I wrote an article for last year discussing whether or not it’s ever okay to burn a professional bridge. In my opinion, there are certain situations that warrant burning bridges, but don’t let that hinder you from forging a new bridge when you cross paths again in the future. When I found out Glenn was interviewing with Phenom People, we took the time to discuss what happened back in 2013 when I was early on in my career, squashed it, and moved on.

When you do have the opportunity to work with someone again, find out what’s changed and think of new and exciting ways to collaborate. I am thrilled to work with Glenn again, and cannot wait to collaborate on content, and other areas where we can both add value here at Phenom People. We both pursued different paths since leaving NFI, and having the opportunity to work together again in a different scope is super exciting.

With that, welcome to the team Glenn!


Have you ever crossed paths again with someone you worked with in a previous life?


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