Quotable from SHRM’s Talent Management Conference & Exposition


More than 50 concurrent sessions at the Society for Human Resource Management’s 2016 Talent Management Conference & Exposition in Orlando covered timely issues on attracting and retaining employees. Here’s a sampling of thought leadership from speakers.

 “Great vision without great people is irrelevant.” — Rona Borre, CEO of Instant Alliance, whose presentation was Aligning Recruiting Strategy with Business and HR

 “For the manager who is interested in tapping the pool of talent returning from career break but views it as a high risk proposition, using an internship to test out the relati

onship removes the perceived risk.” — Carol Fishman Cohen, CEO and co-founder, iRelaunch, whose presentation was The 40-Year-Old Intern: Understanding Mid-Career Reentry Internship Programs

 “We all talk about the importance of our organizations’ commitment to diversity.  Too often it’s just talk due to managers’ and HR professionals’ missteps in the hiring process undoing our otherwise very real commitment to diversity.” — Michael Cohen, partner, Duane Morris, LLP, whose presentation was Devaluing Diversity: Avoiding Mistakes during the Interview Process

“One effective talent strategy is to look where others are not. This is a way to get first pick of the best-qualified people. Post-incarceration employment is a societal, talent and legal imperative for success, one person at a time.” — Max Dubroff, SHRM-SCP, consultant, Einfluss, LLC, whose presentation was Post-Incarceration Employment: A Societal, Talent and Legal Imperative for Success

“HR professionals today have to really be effective at setting and managing expectations of hiring managers, senior leaders, employees, and candidates in this very competitive recruiting and staffing environment. It’s not enough to just post jobs and see what happens. Today, HR professionals really need to manage the process to make it rock.” — Jeremy Eskenazi, SHRM-SCP, managing principal, Riviera Advisors, Inc., whose presentation was Recruiting ROCKS! Talent Acquisition: Taking It up a Notch

“Most mentoring programs are little more than awkward forced conversations between a promising, eager candidate and an overworked but caring leader. Understanding the human brain enables mentors to overcome candidate defenses and create feedback discussions that help candidates improve.” — Carlann Fergusson, CEO, Propel Forward, whose presentation was Creating a Mentoring Program That Actually Advances Your Succession Planning Candidates

“Stay interviews are in; employee surveys are out. Research proves engagement and retention must be solved one-on-one between supervisors and employees -- which tells us stay interviews are the answer.” — Richard Finnegan, CEO, C-Suite Analytics, whose presentation was Stay Interviews are the Engagement Survey Solution

“You know you have arrived as a leader when people follow you because they want to, not because they have to.” — motivational speaker Steve Gilliland, whose presentation was Follow Me: How to Grow Yourself and Your People

“Social media has fundamentally changed the way we reach, attract and acquire talent. Although the first decade of social has pushed HR pros to learn how to adapt to constant flux and develop new skills, tomorrow's HR leaders must determine which skills are truly fundamental to remain effective, efficient and relevant.” — Mira Greenland, vice president, CareerArc, whose presentation was Master the Recruiting Skills of Tomorrow, Today: Social Media, HR Tech, & Digital Brand Intelligence

“Today, job seekers can learn more about a company's brand online, and they can and do interact with your brand via LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Twitter and many other social media channels — asking questions about your company, your culture and, of course, your jobs. It's important that your talent acquisition team go beyond online job postings and be responsible for employment marketing communications and candidate customer service via relevant social channels.” — Kevin Grossman, co-founder and co-host, TalentCulture, whose presentation was Candidate Experience Strategy: Gaining a New Social Recruiting Perspective

“Companies that get good at hiring and retaining high-quality veteran talent always experience high ROI.” — Peter Gudmundsson, CEO, RecruitMilitary, whose presentation was The Veteran Hiring Opportunity: Getting beyond the Hype and Realizing the Potential

“The Globals — otherwise known as Gen Z — are shaping up to be a realistic, go-getter, “insta-gen” that truly has had influences from across the world since birth.” — Jeff Hiller, director of learning and development, JB Training Solutions, whose presentation was Meet the Globals: What You Need to Know Now about Gen Z

“Global Talent Management Gangnam Style has built a $200 billion IT empire and created Interbrand's No. 7 Best Global Brand. Take ‘talent=company’ seriously and become innovative first movers and inspiring global employers.” — Eun Kim, managing director, CEO International, whose presentation was Global Talent Management: Gangnam Style

“How does HR show the value of their efforts? The answer is metrics. Not big, long complex math formulas, but clear and easy-to-use measurements.” — Sharlyn Lauby, SHRM-SCP, president, ITM Group, Inc., whose presentation was Measuring Talent Acquisition Effectiveness

“A recent study showed that over 80% of today’s workforce wants to work remotely in some fashion. The reality is that most organizations fail to effectively structure and manage remote workers.” — David Lewis, president and CEO, OperationsInc, whose presentation was The Home-Based Worker Revolution: How to Effectively Select and Manage This Unique Workforce

“Everyone is talking ‘storytelling’ these days. And yes, utilizing story-based video content can be a powerful and effective recruiting and retention tool. But those stories need to be authentic and engaging, not just thinly veiled marketing messages. Understanding the makeup of compelling stories is the first step to creating successful content.” — Denise Roberts McKee, COO, AboutFace Media, whose presentation was Storytelling in a Digital Age: Developing and Leveraging Video Content to Tell Your Company’s Stories

“Behavior is the single-biggest predictor of performance and, when appropriately used, assessments can be an effective tool in the talent management process from supporting an effective selection model to predicting emergent leaders and their leadership potential.” — Rick Tiemann, president, The Executive Group, whose presentation was Exploring the World of Assessments: Deciphering the Simple from the Sophisticated

“The foundation of a compelling culture includes a team of talent that produces, serves, sells and delivers.” — Dee Ann Turner, vice president/corporate talent, Chick-fil-A, whose presentation was Building a Team that Creates a Compelling Culture

“Employers are under increasing pressure and scrutiny from federal and state agencies and the courts to properly classify workers versus employees. That is easier said than done, however, in light of a myriad of statutory and regulatory definitions plus burgeoning types of workers and working relationships as illustrated by Uber, Lyft, interns, volunteers, independent contractors and more.” — Christine Walters, SHRM-SCP, consultant, FiveLCompany, whose presentation was Contractors, Interns & More (Oh My!): Managing Non-Traditional Workers




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