Quick Meditation Tips for De-stressing at Work


The average person has between 25,000 to 50,000 thoughts per day -- and many of them are negative. 

Taking five minutes a day to be still, breathe and organize your thoughts, removing or "re-filing" the bad ones, can be a great stress buster. 

In his latest video on meditation, Dr. Woody chats with Pandit Dasa, The Urban Monk, about simple ways to use meditation to combat stress at work so you can be happier and healthier.



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Hello Mary:

I enjoyed this piece on bringing a little meditation to your day. This is especially true in the 21st century where we are experiencing turbulence and uncertainty. As an administrator in healthcare, am a huge proponent for employee wellness. In 2016, I launched a series of wellness events for staff including, yoga, meditation and mindfulness. I hope more organizations are seeking ways to assist their employees since employees are listing such perks as one of many reasons why their place of work should be recognized. Corporations trying to engage staff and bolster customer experience need to commence with their biggest asset, their employees.



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