Q&A with Kim Ades, #SHRM22 Speaker and Leadership Coach!

One of my favorite things about being on the blogger team for the 2022 SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition is chatting with speakers and vendors to learn more about them and create some pre-conference buzz! Leading up to #SHRM22 June 12th-15th, I have a few blog posts lined up to introduce you to speakers and vendors! I can’t wait to #CauseTheEffect in New Orleans this year. Will I see you there? (:

When looking through the speaker list and choosing who I wanted to feature for my pre-conference blogs, I had two criteria. 1) First time speaker at the SHRM annual conference or 2) The focus of their session is about supporting emerging professionals. Kim Ades, President and Founder of Frame of Mind Coaching has the only session during the conference this year focused on young professionals, so I knew I had to reach out to her! Her session, “How to Recruit and Retain Young Professionals” will take place TWICE during SHRM22! Monday June 13th at 7:30 AM CT and Tuesday June 14th at 2 PM CT. Read on to learn more about Kim!

What brought you to create your business, Frame of Mind Coaching and what do you help people with?

I was always interested in leadership and what differentiates a high performer from other people. I used to own an assessment company that helped organizations make better hiring decisions. I sold that company and got hired by a coaching company locally here in Toronto. I worked there 8.5 months and realized I really was an entrepreneur and wanted to work for myself again. I looked at how they delivered coaching and I thought I could add more value so I created Frame of Mind Coaching! We coach executives, leaders, entrepreneurs, and the highly driven population. The people who have huge goals they want to reach. We look at how they think and how they’re thinking impact their outcomes.

How did the the topic of recruiting and retaining YPs become your focus for SHRM22?

There is no shortage of talented, young workers. There is, however, a shortage of talented, young workers who are willing to work at ho-hum jobs that don’t offer high levels of stimulation, opportunities for growth or ways to maintain their wellbeing. Young employees are leaving their jobs at an alarming rate and are reluctant to join organizations that don’t align with their values or put an emphasis on their mental health. So how can you attract, empower and keep skilled young leaders? During the session at SHRM22, we will explore the four most important things you need to know about recruiting, retaining and reigniting a young workforce that values your organization.

At Frame of Mind Coaching, we coach leaders and we started to notice two very interesting trends. Trend number 1 was that employers were struggling with their young employees. I was hearing things such as, I don’t understand where they’re coming from, they’re not speaking up, we offered an intern a full time job and he said yes and then never showed up. (Turned out he had some personal issues going on and didn’t have it in him to go to work!) Organizations are hiring young people but unable to retain them because they don’t understand what’s missing. We also noticied that many of our clients had employees who were struggling with their young adult children. I heard things such as, my daughter has severe anxiety and struggles with motivation. My son needs help with career planning and he doesn’t know how to get from where he is to where he wants to go and we try to give him advice but he’s very resistant. There is fear and worry among employees about their young adult children.

Trend number 2 we noticed was that young people don’t get to receive coaching because it inaccessible, unaffordable, they don’t see themselves as a population to receive professional coaching, so we wanted to fill that gap and start coaching this young population. The Journal that Talks Back is an accessible and unlimited coaching service for young professionals. We match every client with one of our certified coaches and invite clients to communicate daily with their coach through a safe and secure journaling platform that is designed to help them explore, reflect, grow and deal with life’s challenges. Large organizations I’m working with are using this tool with their young employees to help them with the chatter in their head such as handling anxiety at work, the comparison game, impostor syndrome and more.

I have a podcast where I coach people live on the show, and so many of those conversations are around we are having trouble recruiting and retaining our young people. We hear about the war for talent, the great resignation, and companies are not equipped to deal with this. This is why I picked this topic to discuss at SHRM22! We want to make sure leaders have the coaching skills to take this incredible young talent and take it to the next level. We also want to help these incredibly talented and intelligent young people with their capacity and emotional maturity.

(I’ve *Claire talking here* had good bosses who have created those safe environments, and those that haven’t and impostor syndrome is real. I feel the difference as a YP when I have a boss who is equipped to work with me and help me grow vs someone who leaves me out on an island. This matters to me which is why I think Kim’s work is so interesting!)

What are you looking forward to most at the conference Kim?

Seeing people in person! Having these conversations, sitting down with people and hearing what they’re struggling with and seeing what I can do to help. I’m looking forward to some fun on stage. I like to have fun! I’m also looking forward to being in a room full of people who are inspired to figure things out and work together to get better.

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