“Passed my SHRM-CP..Yooohoo!!!”

Congratulations to all human resources professionals who recently passed the new SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP exam.  

Many of the newly certified were so excited, they jumped onto Twitter to share their awesome accomplishment.

We caught up with Cecilia Parra, Brandon Ambrose and Jon Thurmond to learn more about what it means to have the SHRM Certification.


Q. Why is it important for you as an HR professional to have a SHRM CP or SHMR SCP certification?

Parra: In this competitive and ever changing environment it is important to me to keep up with the latest news, trends, laws and changes in human resource practices, not only to benefit my career and personal development and growth, but for the benefit of my internal customers and my organization. It is, in my opinion, a great way to be recognized as a knowledgeable professional in the industry. ~ Cecelia Parra, SHRM-CP

Ambrose: The SHRM CP is important to me because it serves as a culmination of my experiences and knowledge, backed by SHRM's testing process. That shows my peers and potential employers that I am a well-versed and dedicated HR professional. ~ Brandon Ambrose, SHRM-CP

Thurmond: Before I got into HR, I taught public school.  I consider myself a lifelong learner and have encouraged those that worked for me over the years to pursue HR certifications and education, however never felt that I had time and resources to do it myself.  After losing my job a couple years ago, I found certifications were very appealing to potential employers as they demonstrate not only that you have the knowledge but you’ve committed to continued learning and growth.  Based on a coffee conversation with a trusted HR peer earlier this year, I signed up for the SCP exam. ~ Jon Thurmond, SHRM-SCP

Q. Tell us about your experience preparing for and taking the SHRM CP or SHRM SCP exam?

Parra: I have many years of experience in Human Resources in different industries, so I decided to do the self-study and bought the books. It was a lot of material, and a lot of reading, there was no way, despite my practical knowledge (although it helps to apply the competencies) that I was going to be able to pass that test without reading and reviewing the material at least once. It was extremely beneficial. ~ Cecelia Parra, SHRM-CP

Ambrose: I utilized the SHRM Learning System to study. Packed the books for lunch each day and read them at home on my Kindle. ~ Brandon Ambrose, SHRM-CP

Thurmond: I’m extremely fortunate to be a member of Richmond SHRM locally.  They encourage members to pursue certification by offering certification study groups and study materials.  I was able to utilize the chapter’s copy of the SHRM Learning System, which proved invaluable in prepping for the exam.  I felt well prepared after reading the materials and taking the practice tests. ~ Jon Thurmond, SHRM-SCP


Q. Certification is not a destination it’s a journey. What’s your next step for your professional development and your SHRM Certification?

ParraI am now … working on keeping with the re-certification credits for the SHRM-CP certification I just received. ~ Cecelia Parra, SHRM-CP

Ambrose: I am definitely interested in pursuing the SHRM-SCP in the very near future. ~ Brandon Ambrose, SHRM-CP     

Thurmond: With the pace of change we’ve seen in our profession over the last several years, I’m constantly learning something new.  I look forward to continued participation in local SHRM events, #Nextchat on Twitter (which I can’t recommend enough), and am especially excited to take part in the national conference next year in Washington, D.C.! Jon Thurmond, SHRM-SCP




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