Putting the Humanity in HR Compliance: Defending Claims

Many years ago, I mediated an egregious sexual-harassment case. 

A young woman―bright, personable and talented―left the modeling world to pursue her goal of becoming a successful business executive. 

A series of nightmarish encounters with older male executives quashed her dreams. 

In despair, she turned to the legal system. She retained a zealous team of  attorneys. Soon afterward, the defendant corporation retained its zealous team of attorneys. I was the mediator. 

When we began the mediation, the parties were $5.45 million apart. The plaintiff sought $5.5 million in damages, while the defendant offered $50,000. 

The mediation began with a joint session. We heard impassioned speeches by the plaintiff's counsel about the defendant's horrific treatment of their client. The defense counsel responded by asserting various defenses they believed would thwart the plaintiff's claim, or at least greatly diminish the damages she could hope to be awarded at trial. 

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