Power Packed Q & A Session with Lindsay Bailey, Founder & CEO of Fitpros


Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.” - John F. Kennedy

There are these moments in life when you feel completely inspired, you are full of some kind of positive force and you feel happy, content and energetic. That is what I felt after the Q & A session with Lindsay Bailey, Founder & CEO, FitPros. Raised by a single mom, she went through all the struggles and insecurities like a normal person. She was bullied in high school because of her weight. Her fast paced career and unhealthy eating habits made her an unhappy person. In 2013, she quit a successful corporate career and in 2016 started FitPros. This is her journey...

Can you tell me about FitPros and how it is different from other fitness organizations?

FitPros is not solely a fitness organization. Though our name does have “Fit” in it, that is because we provide holistic fitness (mental, physical and emotional) to our corporate clients. Our clients are companies all over the United States who are looking to enrich the wellbeing of their employees, but sometimes need a connected resource or guidance in doing so. FitPros surveys and analyzes the needs of our clients’ employee demographic and then suggests solutions that can be implemented into an office space. Why in an office? Because that is where the majority of people spend their waking hours, therefore placing wellness right under their noses has the greatest effect and produces the biggest results. FitPros helps companies recruit and retain high caliber employees and reduces their health care costs. It is really a win-win for everyone.

Another differentiator with FitPros is our strategic partnerships. We are the experts in “on-site” services. We understand the importance in ‘holistic health’ and that our clients may want off-site fitness, like a gym, or maybe they want to do online challenges or prevention screenings. For that reason, we have strategically aligned ourselves with partners who are experts in those areas. For example, ClassPass offers corporate discounts to off site fitness facilities. Our partner Longevity excels in early detection of heart attack, stroke or cancer. VirginPulse and Health Enhancement Systems are experts in digital challenges. Modern health and headspace are good for online mental health support. parenting resources, financial and on-demand fitness are all extremely valuable. We will gladly introduce our vetted partners to our clients to enable companies to reach their total population. 

How did a marketing director turned into personal trainer and health coach? Tell us your story.

Starting in my younger years, I developed bad habits (in regards to my eating, physical activity and due to a lot of bullying my mental health was not in tip top shape). This happened because I did not have access to the proper information and/or the support I needed to be healthy. Unfortunately, my bad habits carried over into my adult life which as you can imagine made work, relationships and life hard. After hitting a personal rock bottom, I had to face some hard truths and walk away from a successful career that was toxic and holding me back.

In 2013, I chose to start a new path and became a personal trainer/health coach and yoga teacher. After months in this new profession, I felt better inside and out. I was helping others and knew that was my calling. I even competed in a physical fitness competition and dropped to 10 percent bodyfat! Then in July 2016, just five days after competing, my brother passed away from a car accident. When something like that happens it forces you to slow down and reassess what matters in life. I had to step away and so I backpacked through Asia for a couple months. There I found calm of mind and the idea to use my corporate background in combination with my fitness passion to start a corporate wellness business. I buried my brain and time into designing a business plan, building relationships with quality instructors and guerrilla marketing to friends and former colleagues.

FitPros launched in January 2016 and with the help of so many we’re now in 20+ cities across the U.S., and offering 25 wellness activities that are designed to engage a total population.

Health of an employee is directly related to his/her productivity. How can companies help its employees to be lead a healthy lifestyle?

By supporting them. FitPros really works hard to incorporate wellness into a clients office space that truly adheres to the employee demographic’s needs. For example, if that is mental health we have licensed professionals who can come onsite and teach or meet with individuals or groups! If nutrition is a strong problem in your office again we recommend talks, or one on one nutrition coaching. FitPros is anything wellness. If your employees need it we have it. Or if we don't, our incredible employee experience manager goes through an extensive vetting process to find a perfect solution.

What is most successful tip to stay fit?

Don't approach “fitness” from one side. Fitness is multifaceted and we must always work to balance our mental, physical and emotional wellbeing to be the most “fit” version of ourselves. There is no one size fits all model either. Play with each aspect of your wellness and eventually you will find a solution that works best for you. As I learned from the health coaching school, “every BODY is different”. What works for me may not work for you. With trial, error and lots of self-compassion along the way you will uncover your “fit."

What can people expect at your booth at the 2019 SHRM Annual Conference and Exposition?

In addition to learning how FitPros can add fun to their wellbeing programs, attendees that stop by will have a chance to win prizes. One of the many prizes will be $500 off an on-site wellness program. Additionally, FitPros is known for our high energy Health Fairs, so we’ll be putting on a mini event at our booth to give attendees a taste of what our fairs are like, while having fun and winning prizes.

FitPros is a one-stop-shop for holistic workplace wellbeing. They offer a range of 25+ services which include, but is not limited to; fitness classes, lunch and learns, massage, cooking classes, self-defense workshops, meditation, acupuncture, financial wellness and more! FitPros prides themselves on the services that are made accessible to an entire employee population. From mental health awareness to gender equality education, and all things in between FitPros incorporates high engagement team-building activities, philanthropic causes, self-care, and group challenges into their wellbeing planning. Ms. Lindsay Bailey will be available to meet and greet the attendees at booth #1860 of SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition 2019.

Implementing health and wellbeing into the workplace really is a win-win for everyone. SHRM is a worldwide organization that has always encouraged fitness and wellness. Even at the upcoming 2019 SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition, the SHRM Foundation has launched 4th Annual Step Challenge which is an additional motivation for the attendees to walk extra miles.



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