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Now that things have started to go back to normal after coming back from a wonderful conference in New Orleans... I think it’s time I write about my experience at SHRM17. Besides crushing my daily goal of 10,000 steps a day on my Fitbit, I would say the overall conference was a huge success. From the organization to the awesome speakers and exhibit, the conference was nothing short of amazing. As a first timer at an annual SHRM conference, I was pleased with the entire week and even the location of the conference.

I have heard people talk about how crazy it can get with a bunch of HR people all in one place, but no one warned me about how loud they would be. The conference was a perfect way to network and learn about different strengths and weaknesses within the HR profession...even if I couldn’t hear after. Along with the craziness I also learned from overhearing others conversations, reading my Twitter feed and of course the speakers. Social media was a great tool to connect with people at the conference whether it was Twitter, Facebook or even Linked In.

Due to the 15,000 HR people at the conference, everywhere I went was sure to bump into an HR person wanting to talk all about HR, even on Burbon St, imagine that. It was very comforting to know that someone wanted to hear the complaints I had about my company without rolling their eyes, not to mention giving me ideas on how to fix it.

It was interesting going to the conference as a student because I am not fully in the HR field and yet I was still taken very seriously because, “Everyones gotta start somewhere!” And that is just it! This conference was my perfect foot in the door, resume builder, experience I could ask for. It was an overall 10/10 in my book and a great resource to utilize in my role at my company.

As a soon-to-be college graduate, I needed a little boost of why I choose to be in HR in the first place - the people! I was very happy with my overall experience and I’ll see you all in Chicago next year! J

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