Policy, Not Politics: Let’s Talk about It in Real Time


In a busy election year, it’s not as easy to be heard when we advocate for policies that will improve people’s lives and make our workforce stronger. There’s too much noise.

But we can’t let that slow us down. As HR leaders, we must find every possible way to put our best ideas forward in a time when platforms are being drafted and candidates are stumping. We can call and write to policymakers in Washington and connect with them when they visit their home districts. We can educate leaders at state and local levels about better workplaces. We can speak as one voice—one HR.

But we need to know what we’re talking about. We all owe it to ourselves and our organizations to understand fully the policy issues affecting workplaces and SHRM’s non-partisan solutions to the real, everyday challenges impacting work, workers, and the workplace.

Issues around workforce development, employment-based immigration, paid leave, employer-provided health care, and workplace equity are the pillars of SHRM’s 2020 advocacy agenda. And these issues can be quite nuanced.

This year’s SHRM Live virtual event on March 17 focuses on SHRM’s “policy, not politics” agenda, and will explore the trends and topics you need to know about from a policy and legal perspective in 2020.

What do we mean by “policy, not politics”? We mean our non-partisan advocacy supports the best ideas to improve the workplace, no matter what party is proposing them.

SHRM Live will bring together thousands of HR professionals virtually to explore SHRM’s policy priorities, help you manage political rancor in the workplace, and showcase the expertise of SHRM’s Knowledge Advisors as they equip you to solve the most critical issues facing employers and employees today.

As the country’s most trusted and informed workplace experts out there, SHRM’s bringing common sense solutions for American workplaces that are supported on both sides of the aisle. These are the ideas that SHRM is pressing forward on behalf of our members, HR professionals, business leaders, and hardworking Americans, but we can’t do it without our members’ engagement and expertise.

So don't miss this exciting opportunity to join the conversation with experts and practitioners on March 17, 2:00 to 3:30 pm EST, and have your policy questions and workplace concerns tackled in real time.

Help SHRM cut through the noise. You can be a voice for better workplaces, elevating HR’s expertise and shaping policies that will impact our workplaces for generations to come.


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