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This year at SHRM18, podcasting continues to be a growth area in social media. Last year, there was one company making a serious effort to do podcasting. Caleb Masters, webinar and podcast producer/host of Paycom’s HR Break Room, was the one person I noticed doing this at SHRM17.

At SHRM18, we can see that Paycom has decided to push ahead with the concept. They are no longer doing interviews back in a corner away from the hall. This year, they had a high-profile location and beautiful glass booth, which looked like a radio station remote broadcast. When asked how they got there with the nice digs, Caleb said it was functional, drew attention to the booth, and “looks really cool!”

Paycom’s leadership team has been very supportive and sees the value and wisdom in pushing ahead with the podcasts. With more than 40 episodes complete, HR Break Room looks like it is here to stay. For Paycom, this is a valuable way for them to share content with clients and prospective clients. Since starting this effort in January 2017, they have had some great guests on the program—including Sarah Green Carmichael, executive editor of the Harvard Business Review, and John Maxwell, both HR Influencers.  

In terms of podcast topics, they have covered just about every area of HR, including: sexual harassment, compliance, financial wellness programs, millennials and proactive crisis management. With the sweet digs at SHRM18, Caleb has put his booth to good use and completed 13 interviews. One of those included myself and Brad Galin (recommended listening).

What does the future hold for HR Break Room? Caleb would like to make it bigger and better. In addition to raising the bar for the guests he has on the show, some things under consideration are live video streaming, live audio streaming and remote broadcasting.

I put Paycom’s HR Break Room on my list of movers and shakers to watch on the HR/Social Media scene. They have the desire and the support to be a leader in podcasting, which offers a natural platform for sharing their software products paired with value-added services. I will be watching and curious to see what HR Break Room looks like at SHRM19.


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