People Analytics is a Business Discipline



People Analytics is a business discipline. That’s a bold statement after decades of trying to justify an approach to employee data and trends as an organizational tool. Human resources information systems have continued to improve their ability to collect all kinds of data. HR practitioners are better set up to use these data points to look for patterns, combat negative trends and leverage talent in more productive and engaging ways. So, with these truths, people analytics is a business discipline and should be treated as such.

As with any discipline, study and practice are crucial. Merely knowing how to run reports in your software (while important!) is not enough to warrant a respectful perspective on your aptitude in people analytics. These tools are not merely the stuff of industrial-organizational psychologists anymore. They are chances for an HR professional to learn how to use, to invest in application techniques and to organize strategy points based on hard data. It requires educational and collaborative opportunities like SHRM’s People Analytics Conference in Seattle on January 14-15.

Conferences like this are filled with fantastic instructional sessions and dynamic strategic chats with professionals in the HR technology and analytics space. Having the opportunity to discuss hesitations with analytics, i.e., data integrity, data quality, is a key component in developing a response to any strategy an HR professional wants to have. Fear can set in for the HR practitioner as well as senior leadership. Being prepared with answers and case studies of successes and lessons learned from others is a necessary piece to any analytics strategy. This conference, for instance, will give every attendee to hear these stories as well as gather supporting evidence for implementation.

For those human resources data analysts, being with other like-minded professionals will push conversations into the next levels of data to gather and analyze. Areas of sentiment analysis and data literacy for managers will lead to project engineering within our organizations. Those colleagues attending the People Analytics Conference will share in sketching the best approach for your company, as well as allow you to share best practices of your own. This analysis time is filled with creativity due to the collaborative nature encouraged. Plan on taking lots of notes at a conference like this.

Add to all this the latest innovations in machine learning and AI, and you have quite an agenda of information to work through at SHRM People Analytics.

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