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One of the leading trends in social media these days is podcasting. SHRM has entered this space with Honest HR hosted by Callie Zipple, and there is another favorite The HR Social Half Hour with John and Wendy. If you haven’t listened to either I suggest you download some episodes and listen when you can. However, the podcast I want to talk about in today’s post is called HR Breakroom.

HR Breakroom has been in the podcasting space since 2017 and has over 60 episodes available. This podcast is from a company called Paycom, a publicly traded company based in Oklahoma City. The host of this award-winning podcast is Caleb Masters.  Caleb says that Paycom, through its podcast, is hoping to push the envelope of the digital transformation, and support efforts to help employers to “go paperless and stop using disparate HR systems.”

You will find Paycom at the 2019 SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition -- booth 1124 on the east side of the convention center. Paycom attended the SHRM Conferece in 2018 and recorded nearly a dozen episodes from the convention floor.

In chatting with Caleb about the conference, I asked him, "Why do companies like Paycom do things like this?" Does the Podcast sell payroll services? Caleb said, “It helps us with the opportunity to get thought leaders in HR to speak with diverse groups of people. The podcasts are targeted to existing clients, prospective clients, and employees. The podcast idea emerged from Marketing and our CMO, but the entire leadership team is behind.

I asked Caleb where Paycom and podcasts are headed.  He pointed me to episode 51 of the series which speaks to the digital transformation. Caleb say this is one thing that Paycom wants to bring to the attention of all HR Professionals. This includes ideas like making HR less transactional. Caleb said this is going to be a hot top of discussion at #SHRM19. 

Caleb also says they have some special giveaways and a theme of going from go-between to go-getter they are going to show off at the conference. We will have to stay tuned to find out what that is.

So be sure to check out HR Breakroom and the other great HR podcasts that are out there.

Could podcasting be something that’s in the future for your company or HR department?



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