Patience Pays Off In the Hiring Process

If you have been reading this blog for any amount of time you know that I believe that many effective people processes begin in the recruitment process. On-boarding, orientation, ingraining culture, establishing relationships and leadership and retention strategies all start in the hiring process.
So it’s important to get it right.
Through my 15 years of recruiting I have watched one issue be the driving force behind poor hiring decisions. It isn’t lack of talent. It isn’t unqualified hiring managers. It isn’t even the fact that the recruiting process takes too long. While all of those may be factors, the largest killer in the recruitment process is impatience.
It takes patience to find the right person.
We tend to be very reactive in recruiting. We do not have robust workforce planning systems so we do not actively recruit until someone is leaving or we have to fire them. Rather than build communities that we can pull from when the time comes, we wait for someone to leave and then post on job boards like our fingers are on fire.
Then because we were already short staffed before that person left we make quick decisions on someone who “seems good enough”.
And then they aren’t and we start the entire process over again.
We have to be more patient.
This is a free, easy strategy that both big and small businesses can use. Take your time and make the best decision possible. Do not settle on the first candidate that seems good enough. Wait for that candidate that you can not pass up.
Of course there is more that goes into effective hiring strategies. Using direct sourcing more than post and pray, establishing and maintaining a social media presence so you can easily keep a talent pipeline, view candidates from all sources (online, postings, recruiters etc), but the key through all of this is to be patient. Make the best decision based on the right person, not because you are pressed for time.
We all profess to hate doing things over again when we should have just done them right in the first place, yet this is an area where we keep making mistakes when we do not take our time.
Be patient. You may be surprised at what, or better yet, who comes along when you just wait.
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