Owner's Manual - Who We are as Individuals Within the Tapestry of our Teams



While everyone will not start assembly with the benefit of this document, it is often a helpful guide. We attain these manuals for most everything that is powered in our world. Ironically, we do not have one for the people who power our world.

As this New Year unfolds, might I suggest you heed the advice of @HRJazzy, Jazmine Wilkes, in Getting to Know Your Boss?  In a similar theme, Leah Fessler/Quartz, penned a post last year challenging us to a commitment of 30 minutes of reflection to start the conversation about who we are as the individuals within the tapestry of our teams. She credits Abby Falik with the organization for this Owner's Manual concept.

Abby Falik beautifully synthesized the questions into a six-section manual:

  1. My style
  2. What I value
  3. What I don’t have patience for
  4. How to best communicate with me
  5. How to help me
  6. What people misunderstand about me

The exercise starts with some of the obvious and easier answers, or so they seem. Then, you must dig deeper to craft the later chapters. If you are willing to hear feedback from others, this will become an even stronger document to describe you and your compass.

If you have some new members joining your tribe, might this be a way to re-invest in your entire group with this activity? Or, might it be time to try this exercise with your current team before you start a major project? I am slated to facilitate this discussion with a young leadership team in the next few months. I cannot wait to help them discover each other and set a solid foundation of how to work best together. They may have a different appreciation for an Owner's Manual post our time together.


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