Overwhelmed and Excited at #SHRM17


The SHRM conference is utterly huge. With a location that looks like it belongs in the Death Star and rooms that size of stadiums, it leaves me overwhelmed yet excited for what's to come.
And there’s so many choices: what sessions do I go to, do I go to pre-conference sessions, what the actual heck is smart stage? So what choices do you make? Since I’m 15 and this is my first conference, I’m here to give you an ill informed opinion on that. But here’s what I am interested in and why.
The first thing that jumps out to me for a couple of reasons is the 12:30 to 2:00 Sunday session, “The Case for Hiring Imperfect People.” Obviously, it's kind of insane to even consider hiring people that seem to have a higher chance to do poorly. Secondly, it’s probably a good idea to start with a smaller session. Did I mention this place is HUGE?
The Hire Imperfect People session is concurrent meaning that it’s not mega and super overwhelming, which allows you to ease into the conference. Plus, one of the presenters by the founder of Hope for Prisioners.org which is really interesting.
Nothing else really calls to me for Sunday but why not go to the presentation where the title is in all caps . So maybe I’ll attend: “YES! TECHNOLOGY CAN HELP DEMYSTIFY FORM I-9 COMPLIANCE.” So that’s amazing, but now we get to the really interesting stuff.
Now, on Monday morning I'm not getting up at 6:00 am for this (need my beauty sleep and it’s summer), but you might. So here’s the one that I like: “From Vision to Transformation: Leading Through Change.” This sounds really cool and probably inspiring, which is part of the point these conferences right?
Next I’m somewhat forced to go to this one: “Engaging the Workforce of the Future: The Emergence of Generation Z” because I’m obviously too young to get engaged. But I am old enough to be interested . . .  For obvious reasons I’m going to go to this, I hope to see you there too.
Where do we go from here? “HR Ethics?!?” of course. If that title doesn’t convince you, maybe I can. The presentation is done by a lawyer who deals with these issues first hand, which is just awesome. Also figuring out who you are, and how to do the right thing is something that matters to all of us.
This next one is my favorite, “The Cartography of Negotiation.” If you need any more convincing, you are insane because that sounds freaking amazing. To quote a friend “I’ll go listen to anything that involves cartography.” Also, the presenter used to be a British Diplomat. I’ve always wanted to meet a British Diplomat.
Those are the first two days and I’ll be sure to talk about the rest soon. Don’t get too overwhelmed!
-the Gen Z Blogger


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