Our New International Language is Here #SHRM17



Sitting in the largest global HR conference in the world and it was silent.

Well over 15,000 people in a huge auditorium and the room was silent.

No music, no Emcee, no entertainment or photo’s on the screen, but total silence.

What was holding the full attention of every person?

Then there were a few giggles.

Some chuckling and even some belly laughs out of the darkness  

What was going on?

I was tweeting and looking down, there must be someone on the stage or a video with no sound playing I thought.

I looked up to see what was happening.

There was giant instant message on the screen. I was rolling through like it was ‘messaging’ the crowd. The global, multicultural, diversified crowd understood every character, every emoji, every acronym and every joking punch line.

The universal computer mediated language of internet slang, LOL.

Keep your eyes open, there is more to learn at #SHRM17 than HR!

It’s not only the workplace that is changing, the digital world has its own universally understood language; that my four-year-old back in Australia is fluent in…



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