One Month Later ... #SHRM19



One Month Later -- Did your SHRM take-aways get packed away?


As I reflect on last month, it is a great time to be in HR. We were reminded that AI is here to stay and this solution will not threaten jobs as is often feared, instead these advances will allow us to do our very best work with our added sense of judgement and reasoning.  High-tech will allow us to be high-touch.

We had the chance to witness some known leaders. Brené Brown brought her authentic self to the stage and dared us to lead.  We met some quiet giants.  We were introduced to Alice who was released from prison, however, was locked out of the labor market. This campaign to pledge a commitment for offering second chances was a major theme at this event.  We were reminded not to overlook the talent with special abilities, our Veterans who served our county in their first career and the graying workforce. The differently abled, Veterans, experienced workforce and released requested the vote of confidence as a candidate for employment.  Together we can create better workplaces where everyone can thrive.

My fellow bloggers immediately recounted the event.  There were so many perspectives of what they had learned and what struck them over the conference days.  This is not a full list of the musings of the Blog Squad.  These titles alone have made me smile:

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It’s All About The People,  by an unknown, Steve Browne

Wendy Dailey’s Top Ten

Our own MP – A Little Less Conversation A Little More Action - by Melonie Peacock

My vote for the best title is Paul LaLonde’s , What Happens in Vegas at SHRM 19 Doesn’t Stay in Vegas it Gets Blogged About: A Recap of my Incredible Experience as a SHRM Blogger in the Mojave Desert

KevinHubbard’s Inaugural Post- So It Begins…

What Happened in Vegas – A Next Chat to Re-Cap

HR is a Social Force. with a special shout out by Chris Orozco on the talents of Mary Kaylor who brought this team together. 

I came home with the craziest reminders that keep on giving the SHRM spirit.  My newest tech tattoos gifted from the one and only Cy Wakeman are getting a lot of attention and have become my reminders of Vegas.

Cy preached that we Ditch the Drama and Toggle Up to maintain our high-self over our low-self with powerful questions in tough situations, “What would great look like? How can we become the change we wish to see? What if we could?  How can we add clarity over chaos? 

Cy challenged us that change is not hard if we are in a ready mindset. And gently reminded us that the practice of self-reflection is not only good for us, but also for those around us.  Toggle Up needs some explaining, and my words help me to recount the memories.

The million-dollar question post Vegas, what is your secret to keep the spirit of an event alive? 



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