One Important Question for Leaders

Can you do for others that which you have not done for yourself?

This is a critical question when we think about the health of our organizations and cultures.

As a leader or manager:

  •  if you aren’t living up to your own potential and working in a job that is deeply satisfying to you, can you credibly help others to do it?
  •  if you aren’t invested in your own development, can you convince others that they should be?
  •  if you aren’t living your values, can you expect others to align to any values?
  •  if you don’t embrace difference and diversity, can you open other’s minds to the value of difference?
  •  if you won’t speak truth to power, can you expect those you lead to tell you the truth?
  •  if you don’t hold yourself accountable, can you hold others accountable and be taken seriously?

As a leader, if you aren’t getting the result you expect from your people, look in the mirror and start there.

It’s that simple.

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