October is National Work Family Month: Showcase your Organizations Best Work-Life Offerings!


Celebrated since 2003, the goal of work-family month is to raise awareness about effective workplaces and to encourage organizations to evaluate how employees can succeed both on and off the job. Effective workplaces recognize that employees are an organization’s greatest resource and make a critical difference in the organization’s ability to not merely survive, but to thrive. To be truly effective, a workplace—its design, practices and policies—must benefit both the organization and its employees. There are six components of an effective workplace that are linked with positive employer and employee outcomes: autonomy; work/life fit; supervisor support for work success; satisfaction with earnings, benefits and opportunities for advancement; opportunities for learning; and a culture of trust.

Research shows that employees in effective workplaces report:
  • greater engagement on the job;
  • greater job satisfaction; and
  • greater desire to stay with the organization;
And effective workplaces are linked to better health and well-being outcomes like:
  • improved overall health;
  • lower frequency of minor health problems;
  • lower Indicators of depression;
  • lower stress; and 
  • fewer sleep problems

Convinced about the benefits of effective work and wondering what organizations are getting this right?  Meet thousands of When Work Works Award winners that are using effective and flexible work as a tool to enhance business and employee success. The When Work Works Award is given annual and is unique for its rigorous criteria. To win, applicants must rank among the top 20% of U.S. employers in terms of their programs and practices for creating effective and flexible workplaces, based on nationally representative data from Families and Work Institute. Importantly, two thirds of the overall score is derived from a confidential employee survey, ensuring that these programs and practices are having a real impact where the “rubber meets the road” on the employee experience.

If you have an effective and flexible workplace, then join top employers across the country who have won the When Work Works Award. Take your place as an employer of choice and showcase your effective and flexible workplace!


Applications are open September 26, 2016-November 18, 2016, apply today!



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